Confused newbie (children mentioned)

hi :) 

i had my 2nd smear last month, a week later received a letter saying borderline abnormal cell changes and hpv infection present. 

Monday just gone I had a colposcopy carried out, she said that I had two areas that have come up white with the acid. She done 4 biopsys and said she would be extremely shocked if she didn't see me back for treatment!!! The whole process was extremely uncomfortable and I'm still having the iodine browny discharge with occasional crapping.

waiting for a letter to come through any day as she said they are normally quick with a positive biopsy! Now I'm feeling extremely relieved in a way as for around 8/9 years I have had an increased discharge, irregular bleeding and bad period pains.  had lots of swabs over the years all have come back negative. I've always felt there was something not right down there.

but now I'm getting worried that if they don't get me back in will it just get worse before my next smear? Or does it sound like its a positive result? 

im out of my comfort zone at the moment and have no idea where my head is most the time.

i have 3 beautiful children and I'm 28

any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx

Hi there, it's hard to give too much advice as there's no way of knowing what's going on for definite until you have he results but if the doctor has already said you'll likely be having treatment most people have lletz in the first instance under la which i personally found less uncomfortable and quicker than the the colposcopy and biopsies. I wish you all the best with your results, let us know how you get on and stay strong:) xxx

Thanks Jo :) 

she did say that it would be a hot probe and would take 30 mins.

how long do results usually take to come back? Do they go to the doctor first?

i see these past few months have been a roller coaster for yourself. Xx

There's certainly a lot of waiting around and uncertainty involved which is by far the worst bit! I think it depends on the hospital but I was always told 2-3 weeks for results and all mine came within 2 weeks so hopefully you won't have to wait too long. I think they get sent out to the doctor at the same time so I rang my gp when I received mine and had a brief chat with her about what it all meant over the phone which helped a lot. I think hot probe is different to what I had so I'm afraid I don't know much about it. Hopefully someone else might be able to say something about it xxx

Hi Mandy,

Just to echo what Jo said and how you'll more than likely go for lletz especially if colposcopist saw abnormalities. my 2nd smear came back with low grade dyskaryosis and confirmed with biopsy so I am on the waiting for a year. The regression rate is so high that it is sensible to wait but there is the fear that it may get worse. I suppose just have to leave it in the hands of the experts. I'm the same age as you and have two children :) 

wishing you lots of luck and hope you get your results quickly. Xx