Advice needed - Dont understand it all



Im a little confused with the whole process and hoping someone can help me with some advice.


 I am 29 years old and last August I received treatment (cold coagulation) for CIN 3, Biopsy was took and also I should mention in negative for HPV (which is also don’t really understand as I thought you had to be positive for this to develop CIN3).


 My Smears in 2009, 2012 all showed I had borderline changes but due to some technical fault I was only ever called back 3 years instead of the 6 months so It was a shock when I received letter after my 2017 smear saying I had to go for a colposcopy.


 February this year I attended my 6 month smear after receiving the cold coagulation treatment, my results have come back that I have minor changes, now maybe it’s the impersonal letter I’ve received or the wording but minor changes from CIN 3?


 Im now really  scared maybe all cells weren’t removed, was the treatment effective? I have to attend another smear in 6 months’ time but im seriously thing that maybe I should go private and receive another colposcopy to put my mind at rest.


Has anyone been in the same position?I seen on here a few people were called back from another colposcopy after receiving changes after treatment.