hi everyone, I'm after a bit of advice. Im 25 and went for my first smear in NovembWe. I got my result in December that I had tested positive for Hpv and had abnormal cell changes. I was told I had to go for a coloscopy, which I attended in Jan. i had to have a biopsy taken and my results came back that I had CIN2, I have been told that I have to go back in 6 months for another smear. After reading a lot of posts and googling most people have to have treatment to remove the cells, I'm worried about having to wait a further 6 months to be tested again and no treatment. Has anyone had the same situation and everything has gone back to normal? 

Hi I too had an abnormal 1st smear in december and attended the colposcopy in Jan I had the lletz treatment there and then and am now 2 weeks after my treatment and recieved the news all the abnormality had been removed! I would ask my doctor or ring the hospital to see why they feel no treatment is needed just to put your mind at rest! x