Adenosquamous stage 3c terrified

Hello, so I have finally joined this site after weeks of stalking. I had some symptoms around Christmas time of post-coital bleeding and excess watery, smelly discharge (tmi I know). I am ashamed to say I have not kept on top of smears and I am 31. I was due to have a smear this time last year (3 months after my second child was born) but when I rang to book it, my doctors surgery was trying to figure out how they would proceed during covid and asked that I ring back once they were sorted. Of course I didn't ring back as it had taken a lot of courage for me to try to book in the first place due to fear and as time went on I was busy with my family and didn't think of it again.

So I booked an app with my doctor in the middle of January as I knew something was up with me and got an appointment but had to reschedule as my monthly visitors arrived and was told to leave it for 2 weeks. I attended on Feb 3rd and had a smear and pelvic exam. I bled during this and was referred to colposcopy. Went to see the gynae before the colposcopy and he had a look and said it looked like a nabothian follicle and ectropion - harmless, benign conditions. The relief was unreal!

Three weeks later I had the colposcopy and lletz to cauterise the area to eradicate the unwanted symptoms and this was done under GA as he wanted to check my womb also since my mother had endometrial cancer previously.

I woke up afterwards to be told that he had seen an ulcerated area under the nabothian cyst which looked cancerous. I was devastated. Shortly afterwards the results came back as cancer but he told me it looked to be early stage and he would refer me to a cancer gynae who would decide on whether I needed a trachelectomy or a hysterectomy. I'm very lucky to have two beautiful boys but had planned on having maybe one more child in the future so I was hoping to preserve my fertility if possible.

I was referred for an mri and ct scan which the doctor said he assumed would be clear of spread and an appointment was arranged with the gynae oncologist. He did an exam of the my pelvis and then sat down and said that based on my scans and his examination of me that I would not be a candidate for surgery as the mri indicated a positive pelvic node. I was stunned. He said that due to this, I would need radiotherapy, chemo and brachytherapy. 

I was then referred on to discuss the radiotherapy and that's where I am currently on this awful journey. I met a lovely doctor who explained the side effects and risks of the radiotherapy (both internal and external) and she also mentioned that I would see a medical oncologist who would discuss chemo. She told me my cancer was both squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma in the one tumour of 3-4cm called adenosquamous cancer.

I suffer quite badly with anxiety, for which I am on medication, but I honestly have been very outwardly positive and relaxed about all this. I don't know if it's because of my meds or because I know that my mood will effect the mood of those around me or a combo of both. If this had happened a few years ago before I had found a balance I would have lost the plot. 

I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with this type of diagnosis? I'm pushing away the feelings of fear that I don't feel ready to deal with and trying to focus on one day at a time. Every now and again I get a stab of emotion - guilt or fear, thinking 'oh God what if?' 'What about my kids, partner and family?' 'What if treatment fails?' Etc. But I box them off and carry on like nothing is happening out of the ordinary. 

Sorry for the rambling message but if anyone is in the same boat or similar please let me know. 

Sending positive vibes to all the lovely people on this,

Hi Rachel419,

I just wanted to wish you all the best and good luck with your treatment. I have no doubt you have a range of emotions going on. Have you requested counselling? Also, the helpline here is fantastic if you need to talk things through. Keep us updated on how your treatment is going. Hopefully someone will be along soon with more direct experience of a similar diagnosis.

Lots of love. Your will get through this!


Thanks so much for replying Dreamland. I will definitely post about the treatment and how it goes. Maybe it will benefit someone else someday. I might just use that helpline at some stage as well so thanks for that advice. 
Really glad I came across this forum. As awful as it is that we're all here, it's good to know we're not alone in this. 
Lots of love and positive energy to you and I hope you are doing very well xxxx

Hey Rachel 419,

Lots of love and positive energy to you too!


Please keep posting here and tell us how you get on. Have you started your treatment yet? 
The helplines here are really lovely- I have phoned them quite a few times. 
Sending you all my best thoughts. 

Hi Rebecca1965,

Thanks for replying. I haven't started treatment yet. I met with the chemo doctor today and I've already met the radiotherapy doc too. I have a pet scan this afternoon so the result of that will be discussed at the MDT. 
Then I just need the planning CT scan and should be ready to start (assuming there are no surprises in the PET)!!

Hoping to get going ASAP though. Sooner I start the sooner I finish!! 

How are you doing yourself? You're waiting to have a lletz? Waiting is the worst ?

Best wishes to you,



Still waiting ....

bleeding a bit post coitally which is worrying me a bit but might just be biopsy damage ?

Hi Rachel419,

Although we are all different, I was diagnosed as 3c after a radical hysterectomy last year (for 1b diagnosis).  I kept myself busy and for the most part this helped.  There will be wtf moments along the way but the treatments are doable and the ladies on here are really supportive.  I have a year of anniversaries ahead but I'm feeling physically ok and processing what has happened in small chunks, if that makes sense.  We all react differently to this devastating diagnosis and deal with it in our own way.  However you deal with it is probably the right way for you.  I had some counselling from McMillan after my treatment but spent most of the sessions dealing with how rediculous my teenagers were!

Good luck, we are all with you along the way.  
Ask questions and have the odd rant if you need to.  

Big hugs. Xx

Hi rufus,

thanks so much for your reply. It's great to hear from you and a big well done on getting through the treatments. How did you find it overall? I can't imagine how tough it must have been having to go through surgery and to then have to endure the treatments on top of it.

Im planning on driving to my treatments (apart from brachytherapy) which is about a 2.5-3hr round trip. If I really have to stay close to the hospital in a hotel or b&b sometimes I will but I'm aiming to be at home as much as I can. I know it's different for everyone but did you suffer badly with side effects? 

I had my planning scan yesterday so hoping to start treatment around the 20/05. Just have to wait for confirmation. I'm eager to get started now. So much time gets lost in the diagnosis process which just adds to the fears. 

best wishes and big hugs to you 


Hey Rebecca1965,

Please God it's just damage from the biopsy like you said and maybe the area just hasn't fully healed.
It's difficult to calm your nerves though when you're waiting for a procedure and any little sign or symptom makes you worry more. 
Please God your appointment comes around quickly and  your mind is put to rest. 
Best wishes,


Thank you x

its true - I was worrying about oral hpv now - makes you neurotic. I think I probably bit my tongue from being greedy lol

Hi Rachel,


I hope you're coping as okay as can be. I was gifted a really good book recently that helped me. It was written by a woman who survived breast cancer, but it was so useful (and comical at times) to read and find out about one persons experience of chemo and radiotherapy and how they made it cope for them. Lots of little techniques and support mechanisms in it.


It was called: Take my hair (but not my humor) by Emma Davies.


I really hope it helps. X

Hi Rachel,

Once you get started on the treatment, it's very doable.
I think I was lucky with side effects as I mostly suffered fatigue with a few bowel issues towards the end. I think radiotherapy days would be fine to drive. I didn't, but I think I could have done. I should imagine you will find your own routine and limits.
The chemo days I wouldn't have wanted to drive as the steroids made me feel a bit like I was tipsy and the fluids made me wee like a race horse. At the end of a long day (despite being sat down for most of it!), I don't think I would have been safe/comfortable driving. Having said that, I didn't sleep much either on those days, so after a bit of a rest, it's probably ok to do.  
As with everything to do with CC, the waiting is the worst.  Once you get started on the treatment you feel a bit more in control of your own situation.  I found a countdown chart (I had a sticker chart!) useful to see how far I had to go and how far I had come.  You also meet some lovely people going through similar experiences in the waiting room  especially radio as they are in every day too. 
Good luck.  You've got this. 
Big hugs. Xx

Hi Lemon Lavender,

Thanks so much for your message. I've actually been googling mad to find out other people's experiences of cancer treatments. I will definitely go look that book up. It might be something good to read while I'm having treatment.

I've been a bit worried lately as my radiotherapy plan was done and I had met the chemo doctor and was just waiting on approval of the plan when the cyber attack happened on the hse. So my treatment is cancelled. I have since been referred to a different hospital and had another planning scan but am yet to meet the chemo doctor at this hospital. They're hoping to get started at the end of next week but it's all just taking so long. Really just want to get going now. I will go seek out this book and put my mind to better use than the overthinking!! And I could def do with a bit of humour right now! 
thanks again and best wishes to you


  • Thank you rufus. It's good to hear someone's experiences who has been there and that you managed it well and didn't have too many horrible side effects. This gives me hope!! 
    My treatment is delayed due to cyber attack so I'm back to the waiting game at the moment but hoping to start at the end of next week as the private sector is trying t accommodate the public since they were unaffected by the attack. Such a mess! 
    I will keep what you said in mind for the chemo days and not put too much pressure on myself to drive. I'll just have to play it by ear and take it day by day. A little calendar and marking off the days is a lovely idea. Each day down will be an achievement! 
    Big hugs back at you!!
  • xxxx

Hi Rachel,


Gosh you wouldn't think a cyber attack would have such a huge impact. How awful for you and all those affected.


How are you feeling today? Xx