Not yet diagnosed

I'm new to all this. I had a smear 2 years ago aged 25 and was all clear. I had a baby in January this year and since then I have been abnormal bleeding. I went to my GP last Tuesday and was basically told there and then that I had cervical cancer. I was referred to gynaecology and have been today. I was examined and told the same again. The lady called the head gynaecologist in to do a biopsy there and then (this was scheduled for next week) so obviously they were concerned and rushed it through.  I've now got an appointment for next Tuesday to get my results and an appointment for next Thursday for an MRI scan and a chest x ray.  My symptoms are abnormal bleeding andfogging for lots of wees! Could somdone please shed some light? Very worriedxxxx

Hello Zoe,  how frightening this must be, and to be told there & then you've got CC!   I'm shocked & puzzled, how can the doctor be sure of it before biopsy results?  Usually it takes a colposcopy when the biopsies are taken and MRI before anything is confirmed.  It was only after I'd had a colposcopy that I was confirmed.  Whilst she was doing the colposcopy, she said everything looked fine, didn't see anything to concern her it was only when the sample was analysed the  tumor was found.  

Could it possibly be  it w something to do with the birth of your baby this year that has caused the problem?  Hang in there til Tuesday, fingers crossed.


When I went to the Gp she examined me and said she did not like what she saw/felt. I did ask the question is it not like that due to me having a million and 1 stitches and a traumatic birth, but she assured it wasn't.  She drew a diagram of how my cervix SHOULD look (like a ring doughnut) and also a diagram of how mine felt.  Mine has been drawn the only way i can explain is like a flower shape.  She didnt exactly say i have cancer, but she did stress she was very worried and that cancer was her suspicion. The same day I received a phone call from the doctors giving me an appointment at colposcopy for Tuesday 10th dec. when I went yesterday the lady who examined me told me what the gp had already told me and got the head colposcopy consultant to come in and look through the special machine and do the biopsy.  She was initially going to book my biopsy for the following Tuesday (17th) but obviously saw something she didn't like and rushed it through to get the head consultant to come in!  That's what really worries me.  I'm not stupid so I know it's cancer but what worries me more is the fact the head consultant was called in yesterday. I can't fault how they have been so far everything seems to be happening quickly but I'm scared to death of what the results will be. I don't want to prepare myself for the worst just yet as I don't think Icould make it till next Tuesday! Just trying to keep occupied until I get the results. Xxx

Try to focus on something otherthan 'cancer' ,easier said than done believe me I know. As most women will say the waiting is the worst part and you want answers like yesterday , I've had a supprise appointment for mon and the fog has set in so I know how you are feeling, sounds like things are moving fast for you may not seem like it to yourself mind...anyway good luck hun. Lea xx