No clue where to look

Hi everyone, before I start rambling I just need to say that I haven't actually been diagnosed. It's been mentioned in conversation with my GP so therefore I suppose I'm just scared and Trying to figure out my a**e and elbow so to speak. 

basically for the last 18 months to 2 years on n off ( had my 5th baby in between -almost 1 now!) I've had some symptoms ; 

irregular bleeding, extremely heavy and prolonged! We are talking like in excess of a month, stopping for a week then starting again. Dull ache and pain in lower pelvic area and back, very very watery discharge almost constantly, sometimes a bit smelly. I've recently had 2 lumps come up on the inside on my groin on the left. Almost almond size lumps they feel like tissue. Almost at the very top of my inner leg of that makes any sense. I'm super fatigued and not just running  around after the kiddos! I'm flooding my pads and passing huge clots like gold ball sized and bigger sometimes upto 6/7 times a day this is accompanied with what feels like fanny daggers like sharp tingling/stabbing sensitivity. 

My dr has taken bloods, swabs and samples. She is so sad that she cannot do a smear as I'm almost 2 years overdue ( my bad I know) she can't perform a smear because of the lockdown with covid-19 and she wants to send me for urgent scans but the department is closed and isnt accepting cases whilst all this mayhem is happening. 

basically I feel in total limbo. I'm scared but not sure if I should be. Feel like such a fraud posting here but I jusg need help. 

if this post isn't allowed here then by all means please delete but for now, a huge thank you for reading my rant! 

forgot to add I'm 32! X 

Hi Mizzymoo,

Sorry you're going through through all this. We all know the fear of waiting and worrying that it is something serious. You really do have a lot going on! Surely on urgent referral you should at least get an appointment for colonoscopy or a gynaecologist appointment even if it's not possible for you to have a smear or any scans at the moment. You are not very late for your smear (sadly I left mine longer than that) and cervical cancer is a slow growing cancer. Once I had symptoms I was sent straight for a colposcopy and no one mentioned doing a smear test. I would definitely ask about at least being seen by a gynaecologist to find out what is going on. I really hope you manage to get an appointment soon. There is a super bunch of ladies on this site. Shout if you have any questions and we'll help if we can.

x Maria

Thank you so so much! I honestly felt such a fraud posting in here. I throughly appreciate your words. 
Ive picked up some trans something or another acid, and some progesterone tablets from my GP this afternoon after another flooding episode. Gp said on the phone that any more I'm to call 999 to go straight to a&e. 

im just so scared. Obviously the dr is concerned as she's not have mentioned potentially being CC but I still find myself wondering if it's all real? Does that make sense? Like it's all a big joke and these symptoms I'm experiencing aren't real. Maybe I'm going mad in quarantine lol!

hope your well and thank you again for replying! X  

Hi Mizzymoo

I wouldn't feel guilty for posting on here if I were you. You obviously have gynaecological symptoms even if you don't yet have a diagnosis of anything specific and I think everyone on here understands the anxiety of waiting for tests and the uncertainty of wondering what they will find. Rant as much as you want. You may find it useful to phone the Jo's Trust helpline for support too.

Hope it all works out for you

I had the same as you. I'm now waiting for treatment to start 9th April. Chemorads.


You're no fraud Mizzymoo,

You've got things going on and your scared so I think you've come to the right place. The Tranexamic tablets are great. They really helped me as I had terrible problems with bleeding. If you continue with very heavy bleeding do head to your A@E department. I had three A&E admissions because of heavy bleeding that wouldn't stop so was given iv Tranexamic and that eventually worked. I also definitely had the feelings of this is not really happening. It felt like I was on the outside looking in on someone else's life, so very normal to be feeling like you are. 

x Maria

Thank you so much! I'm in a great deal of pain today and bleeding so heavy again. Passing big clots again so I think I'll be heading up or leash calling for advice. Thank you so much. I really need the support, I feel at breaking point x 

You poor thing. It's terrible to be going through this right now.

The important thing to remember is that a smear test is to detect precancerous changes before cancer develops and produces symptoms. You are clearly symptomatic to a smear test wouldn't be particularly valuable now. So don't worry about that not being available.

You clearly need urgent gynae attention. If scans are not available I think you should insist on being referred to a gynecologist under the two week rule. My understanding is that the two week rule is still in place for suspected cancer cases.

What do you mean by samples? Do you mean she took a biopsy of the cervix or do you mean urine samples?

Good luck and hold tight,

Karen x




Morning! I was told my dr to take some vaginal swabs and do a urine sample just to check. They did bloods too but they are all fine. 

still bleeding. Draining! 
tempted to call the dr again to tell them as these acid and progesterone tablets don't seem to have done anything. 

hate adding pressure to them when they are currently under such strain. 

hope everyone is ok. Xx

Do not feel bad adding  to their stress. You are entitled to feel the way you are feeling and asking for help. You have yourself and 5 little children to care for. 'You' are important. 

Thank you so much. I'm going to pop an e consult form in online tomorrow. It is my daughters first birthday tomorrow so hopefully it'll be slow and manageable enough that I can actually take her for a walk. 

catch up with everyone when I've spoken to GP! X