New here. Oncology appointment tomorrow

Hi guys 

I'm new here, joined today. I guess I just needed to feel like I'm "doing" something by posting here as the waiting is agonising.


I started having pain deep inside my cervix and also back pain in around Nov 19. I'd had an IUD fitted back in Jan 19 and had spotted continually and bled after sex ever since so I assumed it was related to that. I did have an appointment with the nurse who confirmed the IUD was in the right place and so I thought nothing more of it until the discharge started in Jan. 

The discharge was watery - it would gush every time I stood up, pouring over the sides of sanitary towels and soaking my underwear as though I'd wet myself. I went to see the doctor in Jan 20. It was a new doctor I'd never seen before. He did a quick internal exam, said he couldn't see anything obvious, and he referred me to the gynaecology clinic. The wait was three months!!


During this time, I started bleeding more and the blood was putrid. The discharge also started smelling bad. I called the GP again who said he couldn't see me physically because of the Covid situation but he prescribed me two lots of antibiotics - which did reduce the discharge, I think, although not the pain - and told me to hang on until my gynaecology appointment which was in two weeks. 

The day before my appointment they called to say that the entire gynaecology clinic was cancelled and I'd have to wait for lockdown to be over, when I'd be sent another appointment. I called my GP in tears. I spoke to a lovely lady GP who arranged for a transvaginal ultrasound for me, "to rule out cancers". The ultrasound didn't show any obvious problems with my ovaries or uterus. I was so relieved. 


A few days after I'd finished my antibiotics, the foul discharge returned, only now it has clumps of brown debris in it. When I discussed with my GP, she asked me to come into the surgery so, she could do an examination and take swabs. 


Upon viewing the cervix, before even taking the swabs, she was grave. She said all the bleeding and discharge was coming from the cervix, not the uterus, and it looked "very abnormal". She arranged an emergency appointment at the hospital for me. When the letter came through, I saw that the appointment is with "Gynacalogical Oncology". A bit of a shock. 


The appointment is tomorrow. I'm scared. I don't know what to think. I last had a smear test 3yrs ago - I've never missed an appointment. I clearly have all the symptoms of cervical cancer according to Dr Google - the pain, foul watery discharge, bleeding after sex - but for it to be causing such pain then does that mean it's very advanced? I don't even know what tests they'll be doing at the appointment tomorrow, when will I find out what's going on? 


I'm so scared that they will discover cancer that is really advanced. I'm scared I might not get to see my young daughters grow up. I can't talk to my partner because it worries him - he tells me to stop Googling things and to stop thinking of worst case scenarios. I don't mind if they want to do a hysterectomy I just need to survive this for them, the people I love. I'm 38.


Anyway, thanks for listening. 








Hey sweetheart,

I am so sorry you find yourself here part of our exclusive club but this forum is amazing and the support you will find here will help you through anything the future may hold.

It seems like you have had a battle to be heard and I'm so sorry that you've had such an awful time of it.

stay strong, breathe and allow yourself to do whatever you need to to deal with what you are going through, there are no rights or wrongs we all handled the waiting differently. Trust me the waiting part sucks, with knowledge comes power is certainly true and we all panicked and feared the worse but for most of us that was only our minds working over time and I am sure the same will true for you. 
I turned to google and it became my obsession, I'm not sure it helped but I needed to do it. Cancer sucks but you will find the strength to fight it and kick its arse if that's the diagnosis you end up with.

I hope all goes well at your appointment, I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a good outcome. 
much love you sweetheart,

emma xxx 

Thank you! 

Appointment went well. Consultant said its "highly probable" that its cervical cancer. He took biopsies and I will receive an MRI appointment in approx a week.

I was introduced to my MacMillan nurse (I didn't know that happened!) and given a huge book to read about cervical cancer.


I feel pretty positive, all in all. Happy that I'm finally in the path to some sort of treatment for this!


My cervix looked disgusting on the screen! The consultant said it was very ulcerated, which explains the discharge as my swabs from last week have come back clear. I said I was hoping for an STI, not cancer, and he replied he know someone who could give me one if I liked.


All in all a strange day and I don't know how to feel. 


Hey lovely,

i am so glad you're feeling positive, and that you have a consultant with a good if not strange sense of humour!! 
I felt much better once I knew things were moving and I wasn't in limbo anymore. 
take full advantage of your Macmillan nurse they are fabulous and there for anything you May need, also it helps to write down any questions you may have as meetings tend to be a whirl wind of information and I would walk out and then remember what I wanted to ask. 

I hope you have a good weekend and be kind to yourself, if there's anything you think of this place is full of wonderful women who will have all the answers. 

Much love and well done on getting through today xx 

Hello. I am so sorry you are in this situation but I am glad you have found this group. I was diagnosed March 20 and am currently in a waiting holding pattern until my hysterectomy and lymph node dissection May 12. I am glad your appointment gave you some clarity and your scan will give you more. It will also help you feel like you are doing something--the waiting is the absolute worst. I have beem through every conceivable emotion in the past month-sometimes I am doing really well...other times, well not so pretty. A week before your MRI will feel like a long wait, but you can make it. Try to distract yourself and have some fun this week. I give myself some crying and worry time each day and then try to just focus on other things.

we are all here for you! Keep us posted!

You are in the system now. That's the main thing. There are ladies on here that have fought it and are 20odd years in recovery. I havw only just began 3 weeks ago with treatment and I felt the same as you are feeling now. But you will be OK. You will get to see you baby grown up into a very fine human. You will get through this and be OK.