About to start treatment

I have 2b cervical cancer have plan for chemo once a week for 5 weeks and radio mon to fri for 5 weeks, then brachytherapy which my consultant said won’t be under anesthetic so I dont have to be admitted to ward? What am I to expect as procedure, please if anyone had the same? X

Hi Demelza :-)

Welcome to the forum :-) I was a 2b myself about five years ago and had exactly the same treatment that you are about to have. Most of us find that the treatment is much more do-able than we imagine, though one or two do find it very tough going. You may find that the chemo makes you feel a bit nauseous, so if your anti-nausea medication doesn't fix that let your team know and they may well give you something different to help with that. Secondly you are likely to feel tired. Don't fight it. If you are tired just lie down and if sleep overtakes you that's fine. I found that I was sleeping during the day and often awake at night. It doesn't matter as long as you allow your body to get all the rest it needs. You may also find that the radiotherapy brings on diarrhoea, which is more annoying than it is debilitating. Philleepa wrote a blog during her treatment which I will try to add a link to if the site will let me, and Emma recently wrote a terrific post about brachytherapy so I will try to link to that as well for you.

It's going to be fine :-) We are all here for you
Be lucky :-)



Hi Demelza:

Sorry you had to join us, but welcome to the forum.  

As you can see from Tivoli's post, this is the place to come for answers to any questions you may have regarding your treatment, along with support and understanding.

We're all here, ready to support you through the next weeks, so keep us posted.

love t x

Hi hunni! I finished treatment last year and i had it all - so any questions don't be afraid to ask :-).

brachy can be done in the day as it was with me - I went in at about 8am and then I went into have packing and the rods put into me around 9 and I was fully knocked out for this and then I was left to sleep (I always do after being knocked out) then about 3-4pm I would go back into the theatre to have the radio it's on a weird machine thing where on your on your bed as you can't move or bend, it's like something out of doctor who lol! Then once that's done they take the packing and rods out and don't want  worry you but this hurts! My advice take the gas and air and make sure your high before they begin!!! Then once all done your fine to walk and get dressed and go home! Weeing the 1st time after may hurt abit and you maybe tender but after a few days youll be fine! plus you have  have someone with you for 24 hours after I went my mums and stayed in bed and got pampered :-).

chemo is the devil! I was so poorly but I had a really high dose so i got everything! I don't want to scare you (I'm too honest), radio is fine you just have to have a full bladder and you may need to run or a wee after lol! We're loose clothing that can be easily pulled down like leggings and a loose top - this doesn't hurt or any feeling at all....you do get 'tattos' 3 dots - one on each hip and one a above your lady area and yes theyre permenant! This is so they know where to put the lasers - you'll understand later!

the best thing (sarcasam!) is the blood tests before chemo! I don't know if this is for everyone but i have had over 100 blood tests! And I am not being dramatic! This is also from hospital stays baring in mind....and everyone tells me I'm pale! Stop taking my bloody blood then! Idiots! But anyway :-)....if you've got crap veins like  ask for a pic line - it doesn't hurt. It's a tube that is put  your vein in your arm....they administer the chemo, take bloods and anything they need to put into you they use this saves you looking like a pin cushion :-)....they take it out once chemo is done and you just have a mark on your arm!

Ps I'm petrified of needles, canulas and anything that penitrates the skin - it makes me feel ill! Hence the advice lol x

Hi. Tivoli has given you some wonderful advice and if you get to read my blog please do as you'll see how manageable it was. I was very very lucky and I didn't get many side effects at all. I didn't even find the chemo bad thankfully. My advice would to be drink lots of water as bring hydrated helps your bladder and your kidneys (well just about all your organs really) and it also helps your veins be in good condition for the blood tests and the canula for the chemo.

Please don't be afraid - nothing is quite as bad as you think it's going to be.  I had a saying on my phone and it's so true ' your body can take anything - it's the mind you have to convince'.

My brachytherapy was administered in different doses to you but the general thing would still have been the same. It was uncomfortable on my bladder but nothing I couldn't cope with. Also the removal of the rods didn't hurt - just a bit of discomfort which was over and done with quickly. A lovely nurse was talking to me about celebrity big brother I think. I was given morphine and gas and air. I agree with carmel that the first wee stung but after that I was fine, in fact all the other issues I'd been having down there such as my bowel issues disappeared after my first braccy. I was up and about quite quickly after as far as I remember. 

Sending you lots of love. Just remember,  we are all here for support so post on here whenever you need x 


Hi demelza,

i also have been recently staged as 2b and start my treatment Monday. I have already gone for my markers and have a chemo class this Friday. I don't have any insight as I'm a newbie too. Just wanted to say you are not alone. If you are starting your treatment soon we will be counting down together!

A chemo class?? Whatever next!


hi everyone thank you for your supportive comments. I had to stop radio and chemo for two weeks was ill with diarrhoea (25x day). Have restarted this week at radio again but weekend here and again have diarrhoea! But what I'm struggling with is back hip and groin pain that codeine is only working for 1.5hours I'm climbing walls most of time! But anything stronger I can't function on and care for my two kids. Such a long journey this I am amazed how strong you all are! Take care Demelza x

Hi Demelza i am so sorry you have to go through this awful time. Like you I had to stop treatment for 2 weeks because my body really didnt like chemo. The treatment is Radical but your team will adapt it to suit you. During all my treatment I had a pain in my back I felt like an really old woman lol take Imodium you can get tabs that melt on your tongue it means you can go out and do normal things with your children. I know you are suffering with Hip and back pain continue to take the painkillers I promise you it will get better but it will take time. I was taking painkillers every day during treatment but now I dont. You can do this we are all here for you Big Hugs xx