Abnormal smear hpv coloscopy


New here just thought I would share my experience 

29yo recently had a smear test due to abnormal bleeding since June last year. Smear test came back abnormal with a positive hpv. 

Have been sent for coloscopy which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, was there for about an hour and more than anything it was uncomfortable. With being prodded with cotton swabs then had biopsys taken from a few of the abnormal cells which I could see on the screen through out the process. This didn't hurt like I thought it would 4 samples were taken from the cells which I could see were white and multiple which shocked me a bit to see.

Should get the results any time soon,haven't really felt uncomfortable after it and still bleeding everyday just like I have been for a while now since June.

I find it all very confusing myself has anyone been similar?

Just thought I'd share for anyone going to a coloscopy etc :)



Hi what were your results?x