Abnormal smear high grade (severe) dyskaryosis

I’m new here and hoping someone can help with my confusion? I’m 29 and went for my second smear test on the 26th July, I got a phone call from the hospital on the 26th of August saying I needed to go for a colposcopy and they booked me in yesterday (30th August) when I was there I saw a consultant who said my smear showed high grade (severe) cell change and I was going to have a colposcopy and loop excision which I had done. I’m confused as to what it all means and what they are actually looking for in the lab? They said my results would be with me in 4-6 weeks, does anyone know the odds of the cells being cancer with it being severe? Im just so confused with everything, thank you x

They will cin your biopsy and go from there i would think. I only had biopsy at colposcopy which showed cin2 and was booked straight in for lletz treatment in the following wks. Still awaiting the those results at the mo as are you. Sorry couldnt be much more help hope results are all ok.


Kel x

Hi Kara


I was also told i had High grade/Severe cells and i had my colopscopy and LLETZ done in one sitting. The biopsy is just to make sure the treatment was successful in removing all the abnormal cells and to check none of them have advanced to CC (which is rare) I got my results from my biopsy today which confirmed CIN2 and CIN3 cells which they think they successfully removed during the treatment, i have to go back for a check up smear in Feb. Hope this answers your question and try not to worry xx

Hi, I've just had a letter come through the post which is a copy of what the hospital has sent to the doctors, it says,

'I now have the result of the biopsy from the loop excision that was collected on 30th August. The result confirms CIN II and III which is in keeping with the colposcopy findings.  She will need a smear in six months time and we will send her an appointment in due course to attend the Nurse Led Smear Clinic'. 

I already got my smear appointment for march 1st a week after the loop excision. Does this mean they got all the bad cells? Ive been waiting so long for results and now all this has done is confuse me more :( xx

That sounds promising to me. If they felt there was any further treatment required prior to the 6 month smear they would have been in touch.

All the best, Roobz