Abnormal Pap & High Risk HPV

Hello, I am 25 years old and just received my first ever abnormal pap smear results. When the doctor called I kind of blacked out hearing the phrase high risk HPV and I am going back into the offices on Thursday for a colposcopy... I am freaking out and feel completely alone, as much as I know my mom will be supportive I do not want to call to tell her until I have further spoken to my doctor and get a clearer answer on everything. I am confused as to whether I have actually been diagnosed with HPV or if they are just seeing abnormal cells? They pretty much just called with the news and left it at that without a lot of further information and I have become extremely down sitting in this state of unknown. I have obviously made the mistake of revolving my days around reading articles trying to educate myself, but it is just confusing me further! I would love to hear advice or words of comfort from any other woman who are currently or who have gone through this. It is extremely scary and although they say that it is very common and almost 80% of all sexually active women will get it at some point by the time they are 50 I still feel very alone and like my life came to a halt all within a matter of minutes. Plus I am still single, so to know this is something that I am not going to have to carry with me in the dating world just adds that much more worry. Of anyone has any comforting words of wisdom for this time or how they coped with the news and the next steps i would greatly appreciate it :)

Hey there! It's super scary the first time you get an irregular pap so you are NOT alone! I had my first abnormal pap last year at 23 and again this year at 24. I found out during my first irregular pap that I too had HPV and I felt terrified and dirty even. BUT, that's only to say that HPV isn't talked about nearly enough. You're right in saying that HPV is becoming so much more common and what's tricky is that there is no screening test for men to know that they are carriers, such a bummer! Plus, you can actually contract HPV even when you are using safe sex practices. 

HPV can often clear up on its own! At this point, you are taking the right step in getting a colposcopy to figure out what's going on. You're young and you've been responsible in going for a PAP in the first place :) There are so many different things that could be going on and so many different options of steps to take. Right now I would just give yourself lots of self lovin' and treat your body well. It's amazing what some excercise and healthy eating can do. I'm pretty new on this website too so if you ever want to chat or keep me updated on your journey let me know! I've had to await results from two colposcopy's and that is honestly the worst part so I know how ya feel!