any advice on severe abnormalties and high risk hpv

I had my first smear 12 months ago which came back i had hpv but no abnormal cells so i had a follow up smear 2 weeks ago… had my results 3 days ago which said high risk hpv and high grade (severe) abnormal cells. I have got my self in a right state as i didnt understand what the letter was trying to tell me! Im slightly starting to know after reading some of these forums. I have my colcoscopy app in 9 days…im so scared, not of the treatment if i need any but of what they will find. Can anyone reassure me that this is common. Ive read it takes years for anything to develop…is that right? So having my smear 12months which showed no abnormalties is the only this re assuring me at the moment

I'm sorry to hear your going through this scary time, and I'm afraid I have no answers, I too have had the same result back from my smear test and am terrified. Iv read a lot on this site which has slightly helped as it seems more common than I thought, I think the wait is the hardest part, just want some answers. I have my coloscopy appointment in 3 days, and I'm petrified of hearing something I don't want to hear. 

Sorry I can't be of any help to you, just know your not alone


Hey, I had a smear test came back with CIN3, had a coloscopy last week, little umcomfortable but nothing to be scared about, she told me straight away i would need treatment. Results came back within two days i have a HPV virus and CIN3, i am booked in to have laser treatment next Tuesday.

I have my colposcopy booked for Wednesday (2 days time)   I'm so scared, literally had a break down last night so I rang my gp today. She was lovely and really tried to reassure me, she asked if I knew what was actually happening and I said yes, I more than likely have cancer. She told me that wasn't the case and I wasn't at high risk of having cancer?, I'm really confused, I understand she was trying to make me feel better, but I would of rather been told the truth. sorryto go on, just having a moment (again) hope your colposcopy hasn't made you feel too bad, and hope your laser treatment goes well for you xx

I've just had a loop treatment after a punch biopsy came back as  cin2, bit uncomfortable but nothing scary. What I was told was anything cin3 and under means if left untreated it could turn cancerous some point in the future, as in 20yr down the line not meaning near future but to be on the safe side it's treated straight away. I know it's hard at the min as I found the waiting bit the hardest but the doc will explain it all at the hospital, mine was luvly and dead reassuring. Hope this helps a little and wish you luck hun

Hi I have just had my first LLETZ and it has been 3 weeks. I have really only had a yellow discharge and I feel okay. Can anyone tell me how long his discharge may last for? My fiance and are waiting until after it stops to have sex but I dont know how long this may be. They have booked me in for another colposcopy in 6 months as I am high risk with HPV and CIN2 although they thought they got it all.. this is my first time.. I would value comments and assurance.

Thank you, every time I come on here I feel a bit better, it's lovely everyone is so supportive, my coloscopy  is tomorrow, I'm scared but looking forward to getting it out the way also. I actually think this worrying is making me ill. Doesn't help iv had anxiety disorder for quite a while so I'm also thinking worse case. I was always terrified of having a smear incase I got bad news so at 27 and after 3 children this was my first (Bad I know) this is also making me feel like ive left it too late. Iv got such bad cramps in my belly and back too, although ive recently just changed contraception so I'm hoping it's just that. Hope everybody receives some good news soon, such a worrying time but the support on here is lovely! Xx

I recieved my results last Thursday high HPV and low grade dyskaryosis . My doctor said I need an emergency appointment. It took them ages to give me my results. Still waiting on getting my hospital appointment letter for colposcopy. The sooner the better to put my mind at rest. I'm 25 and I have one child. I delayed my smear by 3 months because had bad feeling about it. suppose my gut insticnt was right. I'm having really bad stomach pains and back pains lately pain killers just not working. Its best to try not overthink just keep ourselves busy.