Abnormal pain and bleeding?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could relate and advise if my symptoms are normal? I have now had 2 colposcopy’s, 2 Lletz treatment within the last 10 months. First results were CIN 3 and VIN 3 (vaginal cells) 2nd were CIN 2 and VIN 2. I have my next one in 3 months. I have to have them every 6 months for the foreseeable future as apparently a normal smear doesn’t pick up abnormal vaginal cells only cervical. Anyway I waited the recommended 4 weeks before having sex and after everything was fine, no pain no bleeding etc. Anyway now 2 months down the line and all of a sudden I am bleeding after sex and in a bit of pain during and after? Has this got anything to do with the treatment? Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks

Hi hun, i can totally relate as iv also had vain3 along with cin3, mine was about 11 years ago but it returned 3 times, iv had 3 ops and now have very very little cervix left, bleeding 2 months after lletz doesnt sound normal hun so i would ring your gynae and ask them to see you sooner than the 6 months, i was finally discharged last year after 12 years but now under a gynae/oncol for abnormal bleeding and pelvic/bk pain, im waiting on biopsy results (so stressed!) defo give them a ring tho and keep us updated, hope its all ok xx