Newbie needing some advice :)

Hi Everyone,


I've just signed up here :)

I recently has an abnormal smear with High Grade dyskaryosis, in which i was put under General anaesthetic for a colposcopy, LLETZ & Cold coagulation on the 18/12/14. I have had a biopsy taken & will have to wait a few weeks for the results.

The doctor did say it looks like CIN3 which i'm not totally sure what this means.

I have been well and fine since and have only experienced the odd belly ache but it passes quite quickly.

Last night i started to have some bad belly & back pains,  i did nothing but went too bed. This morning i woke still with the same pains, so i toke some painkillers after which i started bleeding very heavily.  

All day i've been bleeding none stop & its so heavy and thick, more than i would usually have on a period.  Is this normal?



Hello sweetheart,

I am so sorry you are having all this trouble at this time of year. Personally, I have not had LLETZ but there are ever such a lot of posts in this section of the forum all talking about random bleeding after LLETZ. I'm sure that if you read through a selection of those you'd find somebody with exactly the same symptoms as you to chat with.

Be lucky


Hi. the thing with the Lletz like any procedure it to take it easy for a bit. Do you have a nurse you can contact? the golden rule for me as always been aslong as its no worse than a period its fine however if its really heavy I would maybe contact her for some advice. Cin3 is abnormal cells that they rate 1,2,3 they are a pre cancer (definitely NOT cancer), usually treated with a lletz or a cone biospy.


charlene xx

Thank you both for your reply's,  The pain has calmed down and although the bleeding is still a little heavy it has some what calmed down today :) Thank you both xx