Before diagnosis question

Had my lletz today & it wasn't painful at all.... 

Glad that I'm also getting somewhere in terms of knowing what's going on.
When he examined me he said he could not see any abnormal cells on the outside so they must be further up in my cervix, anyone else have this? So he cut out where he presumed it would be. Now I waiting for results!
Sorry to bother you lovely ladies with my question  
Thanks you

Hi Frankie,

I did have similar in that I had CIN3 back in 2009 and they thought they got it all. It was visible to the naked eye then when they did it and then got CIN2. I went back in July and was advised after hounding them with phonecalls that it was a similar thing, they wanted to remove where they THOUGHT the abnormal cells were but like you I have to wait for the results, have another 2 weeks from Wednesday to go for them. They are bringing it up at an MDT meeting so we'll see how it goes. 


Hope you are doing ok after the LLETZ and glad it wasn't too painful for you. Was that the first time you have had it? Do you have your next appointment made yet for the results? X

Thank you for replying :-)

Been ok since lletz, just bad lower back pain really.. Hardly any bleeding as yet. This is the first of any treatment. Been having issues for a long time, with bleeding after intercourse & other things.. thought hopefully its a fibroid or something but like I said they could not see anything in my colposcopy? Not sure if that's normal or if they would see it. 
My results are not for another 3/4 weeks. :-( Il prob hear by post.
So is that your 2nd lletz? 
Hope everything will be ok for you, it's a nightmare how these things can be ongoing for woman, lots of anxious waiting. Not sure what an mdt meeting is but hopefully they are looking after you
Let me know! 
Thanks again 
Frankie xx 

Yes, I think the waiting is the worst. For more than 90% of women the LLETZ treatment gets rid of the abnormal cells so I hope you are in that percentage. Please let me know how your results go, I'll be thinking of you. Hope you are not too worried in the meantime. It's so much easier said than done of course but if there's anything I can help with or even a chat please let me know. We're all in the same boat. X