Abnormal cells returning

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all staying safe and well and i'd just like to say this website has been so helpful to me reading all your help, advice and stories.

I'm 25 I had my first cervical screening and it came back as HPV positive with abnormal cell changes - high grade CN3. I have LETTZ treatment and had some complications during my treatment and ended up in hospital as a blood vessle was cut but in the end all was ok. 


I have returned as it has now been 6 months since my first cervical screening for my second and to have a check and during my appointment they informed me that they could still see a small area of cell changes which of course has left me feeling worried, anxious and scared. I'm not sure how normal this is but i have been reading it is not that common and has left me scared and with lots of questions. 


I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone could maybe share if they have been through something simmilar and of course i am hoping for a good outcome. I still have 4 weeks to wait for my results but am desperately trying to speak figute out if this is something that can happen then maybe be ok in the future? 


Thank you for taking your time to read this.


Hi GN2B,

I can imagine it is so worrying. I've spent the last few months on this forum and I've seen many people who have had cell changes at test of cure, and I've seen many who haven't had cell changes too. 


I've also seen many women who have been back for a second test of cure and all was okay. Our bodies usually fight the virus within 2 years. So it is to be expected that very rarely we might end up with abnormal cells a second time.


You got through last time, remember it was difficult, but you did it. You can absolutely get through this again. Keep focusing on activities that will help lift your mood and distract you. ?


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Hello Lemon Lavender,

Thank you for replying to me and your kind words ♥️

I am hoping that after my refults come back It may be nothing to worry about then my second test of cure will be all ok! The 4 week wait does feel like forever but yes that's a great idea I will keep myslef busy!


Thank you.



I know this post is from a couple weeks back but I’m going through something similar at the moment I had tested hpv positive and had severe abnormal cells. I had the treatment in December 2020 and have been back recently for my 6 month later smear. Today I’ve had a letter saying I’m still testing hpv positive and its now low grade dyskaryosis I feel really bad about this and am wondering will this reoccur every 6 months hope you can help x

Hi Prose2, I’m in a similar situation to you :pensive:

I have no advice but wandered what your treatment plan is, will it just be monitoring or will you be offered treatment? Sending you healing vibes!!