A bit of a bum question

Hello,. I'm 14/28 rads in 3/5 chemo down. 

Now I know you ladies are open and will discuss anything. 

My problem is... Well my bum... I've had the poo explosions on and off and the gas pain is terrible and I've been told my bowel is irritable from the rads. BUT it's my actual anus/rectum that is puffy, dry and itchy. I feel as if there's ants up there. Anyone else had this and anything I can calm it down with? It is just me?


hey lovely, 

I didn't want to read and run, I was so lucky during treatment not to have any real side effects but I read a post on here from a lady that recommended lyonsleaf canendula and marshmallow root balm as there are many moisturisers/lotions we can't use during treatment. I used it every day and didn't have any soreness at all so it may help.  Maybe some preparation H may cool everything down.

I hope someone with experience replies soon, and that you find some comfort. 
much love,


Oh my goodness, you've just reminded me of how it was - it's surprising what I've sort of forgotten.  Yep, diarrhoea, poo explosions and sore itchy anus.  I used non-perfumed wet wipes (gentle on delicate skin - sorry environment, I did dispose responsibly) and nice comfy loo paper - I lost count of the number of times I was having some sort of movement down there.  The doc prescribed a cream, during one of my weekly follow up appointments, but I decided I didn't like it as it contained some sort of steroid which I believe can thin the skin; I got on OK with vaseline.  For bathing/showering I avoided SLS containing or perfumed products; an SLS-free type of aqueous cream (Aquamax) worked well for me.  Also I used to lie on my side (on a towel in case of accidents), remove knickers and just let the air get to my backside as retained dampness wasn't helping the situation. In bed I wore a nightie rather than PJs, again so the nether regions were aired.

Hang in there lady


Thank you. I've jut asked the radio staff as I couldn't find my nurse and they told me not to put anything on it.... It's not on it is the the problem... Its 'in' it! 

I have just finished my radio and my bum has been the main problem. I told my radiography but she looked sort of confused like this wasn't normal. I've also had aching in my buttocks. My bum is so sore inside. I guess I will just keep going and hope it goes away. 

My problem was a little way in.



Halfway through - that's fantastic. I hope the treatment has been kind so far.

Could you have piles? I think the nurse is definitely the best person to see as the radio staff are not trained in that area so the speak.The nurse could give you cream or something.  I remember having something there and was given cream for piles. I also found it helped if I used vaseline or coconut oil when I wiped - not sure how far along the treatment I was when this started. I thought mine may have been a burn or something which, to me makes sense because they are essentially burning that area and when a burn starts to heal it does itch. That combined with that horrible, explosive poo makes for a horrible combination. Definitely go to see your nurse though and keep in mind that it does heal pretty quickly after treatment x

I've also had sore bum cheeks, pelvis and inside my bottom not to mention poo explosions. 

15th/28 radio today and to be honest it could be far worse. Chemo has been OK. Felt a bit crappy on 5th day. They've decided to five me a rest this week due to how run down and fragile I felt from the poos. I have drunk loads while in chemo and flushed it out., to date 3/5 haven't had any sickness either. Just felt I've got a hangover and fatigue at times. Needing a wee a bit more at night and looking a bit grey but it could be a hell of a lot worse. The worst part was Tuesday when I went to a pre assessment clinic for the sedation for the internal rads whet e I was given the covid19 test. Pretty pointless really as I could catch it as I walk out. But the test itself was holy hell. I thought I had a good gag reflex... And then down my nostril and nearly poked out my brain! 

Sorry i didn't see this sooner. I have horrible poos and pain. I used Neosporin and Vaseline on my anus. It got to the point i was in tears. I take immodium as soon as it starts and thankfully that usually stops it. My doctor said i could take 2 at a time if needed but i found 1 worked. There is a lot of swelling in my bowels making bowel movements and gas much more painful. I went on a low residue diet and this has helped tremendously. It is a very bland diet but it worked for me. Hopefully your doctor told you about it? Gave you a list of what to eat and what to avoid? If not let me know and i will send you what my doctor gave me. 

So glad you are feeling okay. I think we work it up to being so horrible that when it gets here it pales in comparison. 

Hope you made it through internals okay. It was my least favorite part of treatments. Although i did cry with relief when chemo was done! 

Much love to you and your family. You got this! Almost there!

I havent had internal rads yet... I'm scared... Terrified in fact. In UK we have them at the end of treatment. My doctor/nurse hasn't given me anything or advised on diet. I can inbox you and give you my email if it helps and you can attach a photo of thr info if it's easier. I had such a bad tummy my oncologist but my chemo on hold this week... In actual fact he said to stop it completely but I'll see how I feel next week and see if I can get the last one. I have done 3/5. My tummy gave me a break tue to Thursday but started up again this evening. All the staff recommended was to drink peppermint tea for thr wind. 

I am sorry you are having this issue and all of this suffering, but having foowed your journey for awhile now I am so damn impressed with how courageous you have been facing these fears and facing your suffering and stepping forward regardless. You really can see the finish line at this point even if it might be in the distance yet. Stay strong. Sending my best energies your way.

I switched to peppermint tea (and lemon/ginger) during my treatment and for some time after.  I'm still on herbal teas and apart from the occasional naughty but nice coffee only have naturally caffeine-free drinks.


Okay so this low residue diet is pretty basic. You want to limit fiber. So no raw veggies, and limit to veggies with low fiber. No wheat breads etc. Stick to white bread, white pasta, white rice. Potatoes (not sweet pots-too much fiber) i will message you the info from my doctor too. It is not good for prolonged periods of time. I have had some green soups to boost my nutrients. Proteins are fine. No fried foods, nothing spicy (it can irritate the bowels further and cause pain) Bone broth is another good way to get extra nutrients. Eggs are good. Mostly i have been eating noodles, potatoes, chicken, rice, soups, and lots of breakfasts (eggs with toast etc). And taking immodium as soon as symptoms start. Hope this helps for now. I will send the full list to you. 

Also important to stay hydrated because the diahria will deplete you. Lots of water but also electrolytes. 


Thank you so so much xxx

I use to love coffee but I can't touch it now as it sends my bowel into a river of poo! I have a few normal teas (buikders/English) a day (X2) but other than this it's peppermint tea for the wind.