Oh my!

Idk if it’s from radiation already… As of Friday I have had 7 radiations, I’m getting ready to leave for my 8th one now. Saturday I have set in with the worst diarrhea of my life. It is now Monday morning and I’m worrying I won’t be able to be on the radiation table long enough without shitting my pants! The pains hurt my stomach too omg! This is not letting up. I’m gonna have to take something for it. How can I get through chemo tomorrow like this??


welcome to my wonderful world of sitting in the bathroom!! I'm sorry you are now experiencing this as last  Monday and Tuesday were the worst For me  

Imodium did nothing. I got a perscription for lomotil which I take about 3x a day during the time I take steroids from chemo and on the days I have no steroids I take about 4-5. I also can only eat plain foods. Like boiled potatoes, white bread, rice,  absolutely no diary!! Hope that might help. As long as I am taking my pills I do ok. Only go 2x/ day. 

Having a silts bath will help with the burning feeling. Hope you don't develop piles like I did. Try to rub on some Vaseline just before going,if you can. It will help. 

Good luck

Sorry to hear that this has hit you quite so early on :-( Try these, they may help;

No fruit except for apples and bananas, same goes for fruit juices. White bread, nothing with seeds so no tomatoes, minimal roughage, no beans. no fried food.

And take a tablespoon of liquid aloe vera extract every day in a glass of apple juice.

Hope that helps.

Be lucky :-)