Radiation post treatment problems

Hi Girls,


It has just been over 2 years now when I had my surgery and just about 2 years since I underwent Radiation and Chemo. I have been fine up until about 6 months ago and now my bowels are playing up.

Has any one else been through this?

I am now bleeding from my bowel I would say 95% of the time I pass stools. I have been and seen my oncologist about this and she is ordering a colonoscopy to check everything is ok but she doesnt seem too fussed.

This week I have been very unwell and have had extreme tummy cramps and vomiting..so off to the doctor again tomorrow unfortunately.

I have been fine up until now but the pain and unknown is playing on my mind and is starting to get to me.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s i have been trying the low residue diet and hasnt helped...natural aloe pills etc as well and no luck.


Briar x

I am 3 years post treatment and occasionally have terrible bouts of pain and am on the toilet in agony for about an hour. I also vomit and sweat like mad, am totally exhausted and have to go to bed for a few hours to recover. I was on a day out at the races 3 weeks ago, and it happened, I was in a portaloo for an hour I came out and just lay on the grass absolutely drained and exhausted. I was seen to by the medics who took my blood pressure which was very low due to the pain, they gave me oxygen and after 30 minutes all my stats were normal.
I totally put it down to diet, I had eaten things that day that I  would not normally eat bar b q food and trimmings etc etc. I dont normally eat anything dairy, I only drink green tea and water, the occassional lager or brandy is fine,  dont eat red meat or sprouts beans etc. Potatoes are my friend and bread pastas are a no no, and rice is fine.
I should take a daily yakult, but I sometimes forget.
I know as time goes on bowel and bladder issues can occur, and i think diet is the only way to help, also possibly medication that is given to people with IBS can help also immodium for loose bowels and buscopan for the pain.Hope this helps give you a few ideas

Hi ladies,

You might find it helpful to check out the Pelvic Raditaion Disease Association who specialise in supporting people suffering from the after effects pelvic raduation. http://www.prda.org.uk/

My understanding is that this is not always a well understood condition in some medical circles and that the reseearch currently being undertaken at the Royal Marsden which is linked to the PRDA is leading the way. 

Always good to inform yourself, I reckon. Best of luck to you x 


theres also  Facebook  (if you use it?) group for PRDA  - a lovely supportive group of ladies and men.  They also have links to files of useful information.

Hope things settle down soon