TMI sorry !!!!

Not really keen on posting this one but here goes lol , i had my treatment last yr radical hysterectomy followed by radiotherapy,  this yr im having some issues with my bowels if i get a cramp i need to go the loo pretty fast , and if i fart hard i sometimes have mucas js this normal,  thanks melissa x x

Hi Meme ,  LOL  just as well we can talk about anything on here.   Yes this is pretty normal, I am afraid although the rads kills of the cancer cells it also  do damage to healthy cells and nearby organs of which the bowel is one. You are still in the very early stage of completeing your treatment.  It can sometimes take several years for thing to settle back to a normal pattern.  XX

Thanks for that reassurance flowerpower , u no yourself how small things like that can send your mind into over drive i didn no wheter i should be worried or not , im hoping it settles down soon id be mortified if it was to happen and i outdoors lol x x

Yes I know what you mean I was scared to go out for ages.    I then learnt how to control it with the use of immodium when I was going out anywhere.    You should also keep a diary of what type of food you eat when you have a bad attack of it.   You learn what are no go foods that upset your tummy.   Mine was ice cream with atrificial dairy products.   It's long hard road but you do get there I am five years down the line and just about back to normal with the odd fair up if I am stupid and eat the wrong food.    Take Care XX

Thanks for your advice flower power x x


i too suffered with mucas , I am 3.5 years post treatment , I found certain foods triggered so definitely keep a food diary , I was sent for a colonoscopy a couple years ago came back NED. It is a long road but you’ll get there , 


I’ve just been diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption and been told a low fat diet will bowel issues. I thought fibre was the enemy but it’s fat!