Bowel Problems

Hey all firstly I want to apologise cos no one likes talking about their bowels but I think once you go through what we all have been through you can do anything lol! 

Recently I have started having some rectal bleeding, I had my last check up about a month ago & all is clear however I have been told I have damage to my bowels (as well as my bones-joys!) but I just wanted to know has anyone experienced the same issues? I just seem to get bouts of it, along with some cramping and excess wind. It seems to last a few days and then I'll be grand for a few weeks before it comes on again! 

i really try and keep an eye on what am I eating, especially in regards to spicy foods but I was wondering does anyone who may be experiencing the same thing have any advice? 

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5 x chemo
23 x radiotherapy
3 x brachytherapy

Diagnosed October 2015
All clear April 2016
3 x MRI all clear

Morning Nicola,

I am sorry you are having this problem. I  am also having some bleeding similar to you. Mine started in May just light bleeding but since mine has got worse. 

I told my Onco & she referred me to a Colorectal clinic which I attended last week. I am down for a Coloniscopy on 3rd Aug. He think's it's probably going to be Radiation damage so not sure what happens then. 

Have you mentioned it to your Onco or GP? It may be worth mentioning just so they can log it down for future reference. I hope you get it sorted soon. Try not to worry too much....xx

Flo xx

Hiya,I have had bowel issues since April. Lots of weird looking poop all day,no blood tho. I called my nurse who spoke to my oncologist and he said this was to be expected radiation damage. His advice was to play about with my diet as thats pretty much all that would help! Finally I switched to lactose free,cut out caffeine and bingo...bowels are ok again. Maybe worth a go?x

Yea mentioned it to my doctors at the last check up and they didn't seem too concerned! 

thanks for your responses though x

I'm into my second week of chemo-rad and had very weird poop last week, constipation, pain and fresh red blood. I had taken ibuprofen for a couple of days, so stopped that immediately, took some senna overnight and it seems to have cleared up.