6 weeks after 2nd LLETZ - infection or still healing?

Hi all! New to the community, hoping for some help on my journey (:

I'm currently 6 weeks into recovery after 2nd LLETZ procedure and getting worried that things still havn't healed... there is nothing offensive to imply infection but definitely still some coloured discharge, is there anyone else out there who has had a longer than expected recovery time but nothing to worry about?

For a bit of background...

- First smear done earlier this year, came back as high grade dyskariosis so sent for LLETZ
- First LLETZ done 30/03/2020, healed in around 4 weeks
- 2nd LLETZ done 19/06/2020 and still getting some symptoms

Thanks folks!





I had a radical hysterectomy 6 weeks after my LLETZ and the surgeon said it had not yet healed when he removed it, and the lymph nodes looked enlarged from dealing with the inflammation, and a few days later the pathology report showed the same. The surgeon  said it wasn't uncommon, hope that reassures you a little

Just keep an eye out for any offensive odour, pelvic pain or a temperature which could indicate a need for antibiotics xXx

FeelingTheFear thanks for your reply, 100% empathise with your username!!

Although it'd be nice to heal sooner rater than later this is reassuring news (:

Thanks again <3


Hi Jenimic

Glad you are feeling a bit better and totally understand the frustration of wanting to get better ASAP... everybody is different, just be patient and kind with yourself!

Regarding my username, haha, I joined at an incredibly dark and anxious time in my journey, happy to say I am much more grounded at the moment and have had amazing help and support from the ladies on the forum :-) I should probably change it to "AndDoingItAnyway"!

All the best xXx