Healing after Lletz

Hi I had Lletz to remove high grade abnormal cells 9 weeks ago, I then bled for 4 weeks then it stopped for a few days then started again for 3 weeks stopped for a few days and now has came back with a vengeance bright red and kinda watery. Im going to call the clinic on Monday but I guess I’m just wondering if others are the same? I just feel so fed up, I want to get back to exercising and feeling healthy again x

Hope all's ok. I can relate to feeling fed up, though my symptoms were different. Healing can seem like it's taking forever, but you will get better. They say you should call clinic just to check there's no infection, if you bleed a lot (whatever that means!) - seems like it'd make you feel better if you get some advice from the professionals. Hope they've put your mind at ease now x