6 months scanner - 'probably lymph nodes'

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year and hope things are getting better for everyone.

Here I am - I had my first scanner, 6 months after radical trachelectomy for 1B1 squamous cervical cancer. It was a CT, they don’t see anything suspicious, however, they see 2 ‘formations’ hypo dense, one is 11mm, the other one is 20 mm in diameter. They wrote in conclusion as ‘Probably latero-aortic lymph nodes below and above left kidney’.

I will see a doctor in 2 weeks for this, just wanted to understand should I worry, ask for more investigation or it’s ok, it’s a normal thing on CT. I’m actually surprised by two things: 1) the size 2) the two ‘things’ are only on the left

Have you had anything like this on your scanners?

Oh, by the way, the scanner also see hypo dense ‘thing’ next to the right ovary, 27 mm, nothing suspicious as well - is it a cyste ? Will ask the doctor of course, but it’s in two weeks only …

Thank you

Hi Liana :-)

Just to reassure you that my lymph nodes vary in size enormously and none of them have any signs of cancer. The people who study the scans really do know what they are looking at and if it looks anything like cancer they'll tell you. So if it's 'nothing suspicious' then it's nothing suspicious and you don't need to worry about it. Perhaps it's a cyst, perhaps it's something else, no doubt your doctor will tell you at your appointment but for now it's simply 'nothing suspicious' :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli! I also went to GP to ask about this, and she explained me that any inflammation is also seen on the scanner, so this 'something' might really be lymph nodes, but nothing worrysome, what a relief!

Well, I saw my doctor and he still sends me to PET Scanner to double check these nodes or whatever it is. Scared and almost crying :(

He said however that it's highly probable that after operation these nodes are just inflamed/overreacting, but they are obliged to check to have 100% reassurance