Stage 2b 6 month scan showed enlarged lymph nodes ... Help!

Hi I've been a member of the forum since my diagnosis in September 2014 stage 2b CC, and have a lot of you to thank for sharing experiences that prepared me for my own journey.Im 36 years young!!  I had 5 weeks of radiotherapy and weekly cistoplatin chemo followed by 2 brachy sessions  .... My 3 month internal check up was positive and again my 6 month internal was positive but I insisted on an MRI to ease my own worries and I'm so glad I did ..... My specialist has advised the scan showed two enlarged lymph nodes on my back. I'm now having a PET scan tomorrow and I'm just so scared that this horrible disease has spread. Has anyone had any similar experiences ? I appreciate any input. Thanks

Hi Lisa

Try not to panic (much easier said than done, I know!).
My 1 year MRI showed tumours in my liver, they hadn’t been there before. To cut a long story short, what they thought was the cancer returned turned out to be benign adenomas. Was highly unusual for them to have appeared within that year but they did. My point is things can change from one scan to another, without it being cancer related.

I very much hope all is well for you, the PET scan is very effective. Fingers crossed you get the results quickly, and they are positive.

Take care
Ali x

Hi lisa...I was always told radiotherapy continues to work long after the treatment has ended. I am hoping it is just the body getting rid of dead cells etc and it will settle down. Good luck Hon, and please let us know how you get on xxx

Hi Lisa

I was in the same boat as you, has all the treatment for 2b last year, was quiet poorly at points, but returned to work , pain returned and by the 3 month check up I was experiencing side pain and back on the MST morphine. Turned out that cc had regrowth and had enlarged para-aortic nodes. PET scan positive and had a full pelvic clearance and removed the nodes in the abdomin. More radiotherapy needed as these were positive for cc, since the surgery more pain, and another scan shows that nodes growing again.

My advice is listen to your body always, hope for the best outcome, but be prepared for possible more radio. I cant have more chemo yet as the cisplatin destroyed my nerves in the less and feet, and they want to have something in reserve. 

Everything crossed for you xxxx


Hi Lisa,

I've had a very similar experience to Ali above; my first port-treatment check-up showed increased thickness in the wall of my bladder so I had to go off to see a urologist who diagnosed a perfectly innocent bladder infection. My second check-up showed similar stuff going on with my liver as Ali, again, after an ultrasound of the liver everything turned out to be perfectly normal, and also since then, I have been back and forth to a diabetician because of fears I may be developing diabetes, which I am not. The point of all this is that it is perfectly normal for our bodies to go through minor changes all of the time, most of them purely innocent. But because we are under such scrutiny, all these tiny things are found, investigated and dealt with. Poor Zippy above is a very unusual case and my heart goes out to her, but please try to remember that by far and away the majority of us never get a recurrence after treatment.

Be lucky :-)

Hi everyone ... Thank you for all of your responses. I had the dreaded call this afternoon to say I have to go in to see my specialist tomorrow at 11am. So again I'm now preparing for the worst as if it was good news I surely would have been told over the phone. I'm an emotional wreck !  I know I should try and keep positive and my hubby is trying to keep my spirits up bless him .... He's said that my mri's done for my staging and again for my brachy would have shown if my lymph nodes were enlarged then and we've discussed every outcome .... I just need to find the strength to prepare for bad news. I'm just a bit lost right now. 

Oh Lisa, I do hope it’s not what you fear.

Good luck, will keep everything crossed for you.

Ali x

I hope and pray you're okay and they are just being overly cautious.  If not, then thank goodness you had the scan and you can deal with it as soon as possible.  thinking of you xxx

Hi guys .... Well had the dreaded meeting with the specialist. My PET scan showed what they believe to be cancer in three lymph nodes in my back. As far as they can see they are the only nodes effected in my whole body ... So I'm going in in the next couple of weeks to have them surgically removed (and all nodes in that area).Either by key hole surgery or open surgery depending on what my specialist sees best after studying the scan in more detail. Then they test them to confirm its cancer and if it is I go back for radiotherapy on that area and chemo low dose to compliment the radiotherapy (as with my cc treatment). 

Im obviously upset it's probably spread but I'm trying to be positive that it's early on and they seem positive it's treatable. I just don't want to be too upbeat in case I get worse news along the way somewhere.

Thank you for your good wishes. I'm so grateful xx

Wishing you all the best Lisa


I’m sorry to hear that Lisa.

Hoping your treatment is successful.

Best wishes
Ali x

Hi, I know the pain you must be going through right now.  We are strong ladies, and keep on fighting, that's all you can you, take everyday as it comes, I have tried to plan ahead for the weekends when I get a break from radiotherapy, little treats keep me going.  Hope that the surgery gets rid of all those thT look suspect, and it will be the end of the treatment needed. Thoughts with you xx

Thanks ladies. Means so much to have you as support. I've got my surgery next Monday 17th. xx