again lymph nodes (bad day and need your support)

Hi everyone,

As you may have read previously in my post, CT scan showed ‘hypodense’ areas of 12 and 20 mm in lumbar-aortic, and a doctor interpreting the scan wrote that these are ‘probable lymph nodes’, and didn’t notice anything suspicious - no inflammation or anything.

However, I saw yesterday my doctor for a follow up check up, and he is still sending me to PET scan to verify these. He says that probably these are lymph nodes reactive after my surgery (the big surgery happened 6 months ago, a smaller one 4 months ago), but they can’t confirm 100% before they check at PET.

I’m in an awful stress, panicking and almost crying :frowning: Though I understand that the chances are extremely high that there’s nothing, you understand that it’s still increadibly scaring.

I’m trying to hold, the scan is on the 4th of Feb only, and I’m taking calming herbs… But your support is really welcome …Thank you!

Oh bless you Liana,

I know exactly what it's like to be in a blind panic about forthcoming tests. I don't know if you are the same but with me I swear I can feel my pulse in my eyeballs and my vision throbs. So I'm sending you a huge hug (((((HUGS))))) I know that 4th Feb must seem an eternity away. I am no expert here but I would have thought that 'hypodense' is exactly the opposite of cancer. So when the doctor says they are probable lymph nodes he's not saying lymph nodes that probably contain cancer, he's just saying that they are probably perfectly healthy lymph nodes that have become enlarged because they have more work to do since your surgery.

As I say, I am no medical expert but that's how I read this.

Be lucky :-)


I don't understand the medical side (although what the Doc said looks positive to me and Tivoli is spot-on as always!) but I do understand the fear and panic, so I am writing just to say good luck and keep breathing, you know the the scan and appointment will come around in time and that you can somehow get through the intervening period. Horrid though it is. You can offload to Macmillan or Jo's if you need to - it can help! Thinking of you. Lots of love.