6 month review - reassurance please?

Hi all,

Back in November, my third smear came back with high grade moderate changes. 

This was my first abnormal smear.

I waited two weeks for the colposcopy, after getting a cancellation. At the colposcopy I was lucky and the consultant said she thought it was low grade, not high grade as the smear states.

therefore my results were discussed at MDT where they decided on the watch and wait method. They took biopsies but they weren't representative (Showed nothing, so they think they got the wrong area).

anyway, my 6 month review appt is on Thursday and all that initial anxiety is bubbling back up. I have been taking vitamins and generally have a healthy diet but haven't been conscious of what I'm eating and fear that I should have been totally committed to trying everything possible to reverse these changes.

can anyone reassure that at their review, things have gotten better by themselves? Or shall I start psyching myself for the lletz now? 

Thanks in advance!


Essentially it is what it is. You can't control this - you're being extremely brave. I think you should concentrate on your emotional and mental welbeing to give your body the best chance.


You've got this x