Low Grade smear now questions after coloscopy!


I'm just an anxious person anyway so now I've had my colposcopy I have questions that have been going round and round my head and thought some nice people on here could answer and put my mind at rest!

so basically had smear results were low grade abnormal had appointment for the colposcopy last Thursday where nurse said she could finally see higher grade and warned me I would prosy have to come back for another procedure. She said this to put my mind at rest lol but had kind of done the opposite as I am now very very worried there may be something wrong.

she said I should get result in 2-3 weeks, is this normal wait time? If it was bad would I get result earlier? Has anyone else in here had results back quickly? (btw I had a well three biopsies) did anyone else have three thought would just have one!

and last question could the nurse tell if there was cancer? Could a good nurse know when something was wrong? I thought she looked worried when she was doing the biopsy but this could have been my paranoia lol

thanks in advance xx

Hi there ,

Will try my best to help - my smear results at first were low grade . I had 3 biopsies also - high grade confirmed following biopsy . It was explained to me that I would need to go back for treatment to remove the abnormal cells by LLETZ procedure. It's normal to wait about 4 weeks for results but i think all hospitals work differently. I had to chase mine both times tho !! My doctor told me at colposcopy that it wasn't cancer. I think they kind of have that concentrating look when they are doing the procedure. Try not to worry. Which is easier said than done I know. I'm an anxious person too, know how you feel  . Hope this helps a bit xx