6 month followup

Hi everyone
I haven’t posted for a while. I had a LLETZ back in May for CIN3, when I got the results back it also found CGIN but clear margins and to have a 6 month follow up.
Is this follow up from the date of my LLETZ or from the date of my results? It should be due beginning of November but I’ve not heard anything yet. Also, is it a smear at the drs or do you have to go to colposcopy for the follow up?
Finally, any positive 6 month check up stories? I’ve already convinced myself it’s come back and I’ve got to have it done again!

Hi @Marie

Its 6 months from the treatment itself you should receive a normal screening letter inviting you to make an appointment around 2-3 weeks before its due… if you havnt been told otherwise it will be with your GP surgery you need to make the appointment with :slight_smile:

I had my follow up 14th sep after a LLETZ for CIN3, everybody is different but with the scar tissue from the treatment I found it a little ‘sensitive’ when she swabbed and some bleeding afterwards… this may not happen with you but a headsup just incase lol to my surprise the results were on the NHS app a week later: HPV negative and im back on the 3 year recall, for my own peace of mind ill be doing home HPV tests inbetween but for now atleast i can push any thoughts of smears to the back of my mind lol xx

Hi there
Thank you for your reply. I’m still waiting for my appointment to come through. My anxiety is through the roof at the moment!
It’s such a scary journey to be on

Hi Marie I did a really similar post to you!

I had mine in April and I had to call them last week as I didn’t receive a letter, it was actually some issue I had an appointment and had the follow up yesterday just an issue the letter had not been sent out!

If you don’t hear I would call them :slight_smile: Luckily I was booked in the week after calling

I contacted my GP today. She said she will contact the local colposcopy clinic and see what they say.
Would there be a reason I need to have my 6 month TOC at colposcopy and not just a smear at the GP? Now even more anxious :confused:

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I think if it was CIN3 it’s just to be on the safe side, it’s actually better in a way as a smear could miss something so I tried to look at it that way if it helps!

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Hi Marie, I had a LLETZ procedure back in July for CGIN cell removal. I too have to go back to the colposcopy clinic for their nurse led smear for TOC in January. I think if you have CGIN, never mind CIN3, they perform the smear at this particular clinic instead of at your own GP. My assumption is that the smear will be taken very carefully here due to the location and complexities that come with having CGIN, which is further up the canal and sometimes harder to reach. On saying that, my initial smear taken by the nurse at my gp surgery was good enough to identify CGIN! I wouldn’t read anything further into it, it is still just a smear. x

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Hi all thank you for the replies! I’m still waiting for my appointment to come through, just so stressed with it all.
I think I remember them saying that’s why it will be done at colposcopy but my mind just runs away with things and I’m such a worrier.
It really helps to chat to others in the same situation on here so thank you :blush:

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This is the first time iv been on any kind of forum. So please bare with me.
I had a LLETZ treatment around 7 months ago due to HPV and severe grade abnormalities, which i believe is CIN3 (please correct me if im wrong) i had my 6 month smear recently and have received the same results as i had before, so i have had round 2 of LLETZ today 7/12/22 which i have to unfortunately say was alot more uncomfortable this time round…
I am very worried to why & how i can get the same severe grading so soon after having the LLETZ treatment only 7months ago.
Can anyone advise to what point will LLETZ treatment stop and futher treatment is discussed? Or has anyone else experienced the same as me?
Kelly x