First 6 month follow up since lletz


I hope everyone is well.

My journey started back in September 2016 when I had my second standard smear test. Two weeks later my results came back as abnormal cells had been found and I was referred for a colposcopy. Mid October came and I had lletz performed where some of my cervix was removed. It took 4 weeks for my results to come back and I was told I had CGIN and CIN3 but all cells had been removed.

It’s been 6 months and I now have my first follow up appointment on Friday…I am feeling a mixture of emotion but mainly nervous - more so than I was before! What if it is back? Where do we go from here?

All advice welcome! X

Hi x I have my first 6month check up next week too. I'm a bit nervous but more about the process rather than results. I've researched loads and the vast majority of check ups come back normal so try not to worry. My consultant said it's rare for abnormal cells to return too so I'll post my results when I get them to hopefully reassure others. I'm sure we'll be fine xx 

Thank you for your message. I have my appointment tomorrow morning so will let you know the process as I too may a little apprehensive on what will happen. Keeping myself busy tonight ao I don't sit and think too much :)



I was about to post a similar post but saw yours so I'll  just add on if that ok.  Shireen88 I really hope your check up went well.  It's horrible waiting to see what happens, I think that was my problem because I had a hell of a time today at my appointment! 


I just had my first smear (yearly checkup) since lletz today.  Truth be told it was appalling.  I don't know whether it's because I'd worked myself up about it beforehand or what but it took three attempts, then me having a mini breakdown and bursting into tears before they drafted in another nurse to hold my hand to try again! Eventually they managed but it hurt like hell.  


I've never had a problem getting a smear before and I'm wondering if maybe all the prodding and poking of lletz has taken its toll and given me a bit of a fear (they said the first time that if I needed to do it again they would have to put me to sleep because it was so uncomfortable)  or... if it hurts for a more sinister reason.  Or it could be that it was a different nurse than usual and she was just a bit rough?! 


I guess I'll find out soon enough, but if anyone has any advice/thoughts in the meantime please feel free. 


Thanks ladies xx



Hi Sea_Bird

sorry for my late reply since my appointment I have been so busy with work and things I haven't had a chance to reply. 

I am so sorry to hear you had a bad time with your follow up appointment but please know you are not alone. Mine was painful aswell and I too put it down to being poked a lot recently.  They told me my results would be back within 4 weeks which would be Friday coming but I haven't heard anything yet! The waiting is the worse!!

let me know how your results go x

Please keep us posted on your results! I am waiting for my test of cure smear results from last week x

Hello ladies, I couldn't wait any longer for my results so I decided to call the hospital today. Unfortu it was not the news I was hoping for. My results have come back that I have border long changes on my outer cervix but hpv negative. I am not sure of next steps but the nurse said the doctor would review my results and write to me with information but likely to go back for more tests. I feel quite deflated that it isn't over up it's not defeated me. 

Sept 16 - standard smear - results back stating serve high grade changes

Oct 16 - colposcopy - results high grade CGIN and CIN 1/2 all cells removed and on 6 month follow up booked

Apr 17 - 6 month follow up smear and hpv test

May 17 - results of border line changes on outer cervix waiting for next steps