6 days post Lletz - painful cramps & exhaustion

My lletz was on July 5 (6 days ago), and until today I felt relatively fine: no bleeding, no real pain, just slept a lot.
Today The pain and the cramps got really intense, my lower back is killing me, and i feel very uncomfortable just sitting on a chair, it kinda stings.
Is this normal? will it subside soon? I just want to lay down and nap…

Hi Matilda, 

You poor thing that sounds painful. I had my Lletz on july 5th too (7 days ago now) for CIN3. I don't think I had a cone biopsy though. 

I found the first and second day quite painful, with cramps but apart from that i've been okay, I went back to work the following day after treatment. I haven't experienced any bleeding yet either.

I think maybe speak to your doctor they might give you some antibiotics just in case. Also are you due on? As I have heard that your first period  after treatment might come early and be a bit painful and heavy so I wonder if it is the start of that?

I hope you feel better soon! 



Hi Ruby, thsnks for your reply!

My first period is due next week, which will be 2 weeks post my lletz. The day I posted this I felt really terrible, but fortunately I felt much better the day after and also today. 

I realize now that in the weeks after the procedure, my body will experience many things, so I'm just hoping it will go OK until the results are in!


Hi Matilda, 

I am having one of those days today, I have back pain and I've been having cramps and I feel really sick. I think I spoke too soon!

I hate waiting for my results, I feel so anxious. After my Lletz my doctor did say that there is a possibility there could be something more and that they will ring me if there is, if there isn't I will just recieve a letter with results. 

My sister said "I am sure they have to say that to everyone" but my mind is playing games on me and I keep thinking what if she said that to me to warn me that its going to be bad news. I feel silly even typing this but it is hard not to worry. 


But it's natural to worry! others say things to try and calm you down, but it never helps.

I find that not discussing it too much with my parents actually makes the wait better, because it's just me with my thoughts and worries, without people trying to convince me I'm just panicing.