Lletz tomorrow

My lletz is tomorrow for cin2, nerves are starting to kick in, really dont know what to expect. How long is the actual procedure? Is the pain worst than period pain? Thanks

Hi Alizee,

i, like you was very nervous the day before my Lletz procedure. I think it usually takes about 20 mins. Mine did take an hour but I did have a large biopsy at the same time and they decided to do the treatment straight away. 

The pain I have experienced is just like a bad period pain. I also had a bit of lower back pain. I am not sure if that is related. They will numb the area first which to be honest is probably the most unpleasant bit. After that, you can feel things going on down there but not pain. 

I hope this helps. Hope all goes well tomorrow. 


Thanks for your reply. Good luck with your results x

Hey Alizee! Just to say I had lletz for cin2 and it was over in 5 minutes. Not at all painful, just a bit weird. Afterwards, had slight cramping but nothing like my usual period pain. Just felt very emotional. Everyone is different but vast majority on here seem to have had similar experiences. Good luck and this time tomorrow evening, it wil all be over! Xx

I'm feeling really emotional this morning but it'll all be over in about 4 hours, I'll let you know how I got on. Thank you for your message, it was reassuring and comforting to read x

Hi Alizee

Good luck today. Honestly it is no worse and probably a bit quicker than a colposcopy. I had period style cramps for a while after so be kind to yourself this evening and have some nice treats lined up 


Thanks, I will suzysooz xxx