Symptoms after LLETZ

Had my colposcopy on Thurs with LLETZ. dr did say a good size was removed and at the time she struggled for 10/15 mins to stop bleeding.
The procedure itself was fine. That day/night was slightly crampy.
Had the dr the next day for high temp he wanted nurse to have a look at cervix and she said it was still very raw and slightly infected.
Today is 4 days after treatment and I’m still very very crampy in tummy and back. No bleeding or discharge
How long did you all get cramps for xx

I had cramps for about 3 days and bled heavily for 3 and a half weeks. I'm a teacher and every time I taught PE it would start it off heavily again. I had 2 days off and it all settled back down again. I'm 4 week later now and everything is back to normal. 

I hope you recover quickly x

I had mild cramps the evening of my lletz as the anaesthetic wore off. I actually think I may not have noticed if I hadn’t been expecting it. No idea if the bit i had removed would be considered large but it looked huge to me when he showed it to me!

i was rreally tired for about 48 hours, had watery discharge for 5 days and then bled for a week - about as heavy as a period. This tailed of to a brown stain for about another week. All healed after 3 weeks.

There is a fairly wide range of normal though.

Look after yourself. Jx 

Thanks girls. I'll give it to Thurs, that's a wee later and if cramping doesn't stop I'll call the number they gave me xx

Hi Tink

I had a lot of cramping after my second lletz which was a top hat Lletz (similar to a cone biopsy but in the shape of a top hat of that makes sense). The piece they took was about 1.5cm so a pretty decent chunk. I think the cramping lasted about a week or so. Just keep an eye on bleeding/discharge make sure it's not offensive in case of infection. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Hi. The part of cervix taken was just over 1cm by just under 1cm, so maybe that's why I'm still crampy. I called the number on my letter and the nurse said if I'm still sore come Thurs to see my gp xx