5 years post treatment and I've been discharged!


Just thought I'd let you all know that I have been discharged from the hospital! I had my final check up yesterday and the doctor said I was free to go! It felt a bit strange after more than 5 years of regular visits to be told to go away and not come back!

I know when I was first diagnosed I really enjoyed reading posts like this one, so I'm paying back and hope it helps any ladies new to this journey x


Sue Kiss

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Fantastic news! Celebration time! Xx 

Brilliant news Laughing

Fantastic news x x

Brilliant xxxx

Hey! Way to go! :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi What amazing news! Am so very happy for you and thank you for posting, I am at the start of treatment and it really helps x

Great news go and live life to the fullest x

Yay!  That's brilliant!  I can't wait to reach the 5 year mark!

Jo x


Best news ever!! :) greetings from Greece :) 

Congratulations!! I came on here especially to see if anyone had posted something like this as I am coming up to my 5 year mark. A long journey lilykins so fabulous news!!Smile

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