Good news, 5 years on

Hi, I was first around 5 years ago when I was diagnosed and last week at my hospital check-up, as everything still looks good, I was discharged, whilst I am very happy about this I do have mixed feelings and feel a bit scared, hopefully as time goes on it will ease but I know I will always worry. My consultant said go and enjoy your life - I will certainly try! 

Lots of love to you all, 

Mel xx 


Amazing news xxxx

So pleased to read this ❤❤❤

Lovely to read positive updates.


Amazing news. Let it always be so.

That is such great news. :-)

Woohoo!!! Fantastic xxx

Fantastic news! Really pleased for you xxx

Brilliant news???


Congratulations ? 

Its lovely to hear positive news.  Xx

This is amazing news, so happy for you ?

Oh such great news. Understand the mixed feelings. What a milestone! xx

That's lovely to see. Congratulations