5 years

Hi to all of you brave and Amazing woman. I don’t come on here a lot anymore but wanted to drop in and give a update. I just had my 5 year check up with a internal and vault smear and got my results back and all is good so just want to let the new woman on here know that there is hope with some prayers there is some of us that are still here and pray we will be here for a long time yet to come. I pray all of you wonderful lady’s are doing good and pray all of you will be ok.


Thank you, MMouse, so pleased to hear you’re all clear at 5 years. You did it! I’ve just had my 1 year all clear - hoping I’ll be able to say the same as you in 4 years time. Xx


Congratulations! and thank you for sharing this positive news, It definitely brings hope.

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So pleased we’ll done​:clap:t2::ok_hand:t3::+1:t3:

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Thanks for the update, MMouse. That is very uplifting news!

I’m so happy to see this news @Mmouse123 . I am in a very similar situation. Hyster showed parametrial involvement so I will begin 5 weeks of radiation and chemo on Monday.
So good to hear you did well!!

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