5 Years!

Hello - not sure if anyone remembers me or not - haven't been on here in a bit. Today is 5 years from my last radiation treatment!!!!!! had my last follow-up with my fantastic oncologist yesterday! this day was hard to imagine 5 years ago!

thanks to everyone here who offered me advice and support along the way.

sending good thoughts to those of you in treatment now - especially those dealing with recurrences.

just wanted to post to remind everyone that there are a bunch of us who are now 5+ years out and doing well!

take care!


Congratulations Meggy55 and thank you for posting your good news.

Well done & merry Christmas to you!

This is good to hear. Have just finished 7 weeks of treatment for 2b, and was wondering how to assess the likelihood in a few months time of being told the treatment either is giving an all clear or not. Is there any easy way on this forum to pick up posts from those who have already gone through a post-2b evaluation? I am a person who likes to have researched all possible outcomes in advance. Any advice welcome.

Great news. I'm four years on and sincerely hoping my next appointment will be my last!

Love Sarah