4 weeks after lletz on 7/11/12 is it ok to have sex

Hey All 

I'm a newbie to this site and the whole lletz procedure but thought id share my experinece 

i had my llestz nearly 4 weeks ago (10/10/2012) its 4 weeks on 7/11/2012

just wondering how soon i c start having sex the nurse said 2 weeks (which i now no was wrong) i was still bleeding at 2weeks so didnt do this and couldnt anyway i stopped bleeding at about 2 1/2 week / 3 weeks as i thought i was healed after 3weeks i decide i would get myself prepared for when i finally had sex with my partner so started using toys. after using the toy i started to have really bad period like pains and cramps (even though i went really slow and was not dry etc sorry if too much info) i slept for a bit and this eased the pain but the next day i noticed i was bleeding again not heavy but just a really really light spotting. due to this i left it a couple of days. my partner and i recently had sex (we went really slow) and although i didnt bleed durring i did find i had spotting the next couple of days but saying that its going to be 4weeks since my op on 7/11/2012 so maybe i started having sex too soon 

just wondering if any one else has had this experince of bleeding after sex post lletz and wondering if i done myself any harm by not waiting the full 4 weeks 

is it normal to still be bleeding even if only spotting 

i really wish i asked more questions my doc just keeps telling me everythings normal and not to worring but i bleed for like 3 weeks not heavy Like filling a pad every hour but still quite heavy and now im worried that maybe i wasnt heal and now may have ruptured something

any help is welcome 

thanks in advance (i apologise for mistakes)

Hi, i had sex 3 weeks and 5 days after having lletz and have had spotting for the last two weeks. I have since been back for a second lletz and asked the nurse if the spotting was normal and she said it was. I think you should only worry if the bleeding was more heavy. My second lletz was 5 weeks after the first and when i was examined the nurse said my cervix was healing nicely so i knew sex hadnt caused any damage. I think it just takes a while to fully heel.