Sex after LLETZ

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question about sex post-LLETZ.

My bleeding stopped and I stopped having to wear sanitary pads somewhere in between 3 and 4 weeks post-LLETZ. So I assumed I’d healed ok. Then I got what I assume was my period (it was due around 4 weeks after my LLETZ so I did know that I’d probably only have a few blood free days before it started again!)

I’d heard/read that periods would be a bit off for the first few months after lletz so I was expecting that too. It did last a day or 2 longer than I’m used to but then eased off, and on the last day of my period when there was hardly anything all day and nothing at all for the last few hours, I decided I was alright to have sex. I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort during (other than panicking I’d get blood everywhere!). This was last night.

About an hour afterwards I went to the loo and saw that there was blood, the bright red kind like from a wound. And all day today I’ve had the darker blood, like a period, and some period-like pain (not enough to take painkillers, just a dull ache). FYI I don’t normally get any period pain at all so this is weird for me.

I’ve just been to the loo again and noticed the bleeding had reduced quite a lot, but a fairly large clot was present (maybe the scar from the procedure??) I’m wondering…does anyone think this sounds like I just hadn’t quite finished my period and I’ve made it a bit angry?!

Is bleeding the first time you have sex after LLETZ normal? And the pain that comes with it?

Any experience/advice would be appreciated! The bleeding has pretty much stopped now but I’m not in a rush to have sex again lol and probably shouldn’t have done it until my period had completely stopped! I’m just really worried because bleeding after sex was the whole reason I’ve ended up where I am…

Thanks everyone, it’s so great to have this support <3

Much love xxx



i stopped 'leaking' around 3 weeks so dead on 4weeks had sex and it was painful to do so and i didnt enjoy it! no blood though. I tried sex again two nights later and again it hurt. 2 days after that i woke up with a small leak but looked clear and an unpleasent smell so i now think im infected off to the drs for smears tonight? 



I had mine 5days ago..had no bleeding what so ever i can only describe as what i am loosing on my pad like a watery substance.. i no its only day 5 but i cant wait to be heeled wearing a pad all the time is so annoying.x