3years later

Hi all, I haven’t posted in a while, well not my own post (only replied to others) but just have a couple of questions.
It has been 3 years since I first had a smear and was referred to colposcopy with CIN2 and CIN3 changes. I had them removed and had a 6month follow up where everything looked fine.
Not due another smear till middle 2017, but now I am getting symptoms back again and they are worse than before.
Has anyone had this? Will docs bring my smear forwards or will I have to wait? I have also been having what I thought was server IBS symptoms but am worried from the cervical changes in past and no further tests that it could actually be something to.do with my ovaries. (Sorry for long post). Any help appreciated. X

I went for my smear 22nd of Nov a year early. This was because i slight bloody discharge after sex and i mean slight. 


By 8th of december I was in for my colposcopy and had my biopsys done.


If you have concerns go and request a check up with previous history its always best to be extra vigilant . 

Sorry its not much didnt want to ignore xx

Hi StephanieLouise - Sorry to hear you are feeling so nervous. When you say you are starting to experience symptoms again what symptoms are you experiencing exactly? 

Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. Well I haven't had any bleeding but I am on cerazette (pill u take every day without break) but I have mucas discharge and I  have been experiencing pain in abdomen during intercource. I go the toilet more frequently. I am achy low down ovary area and also across my lower back. And if I get the slightest cold my glands near the groin swell up x

Hi Stephanielouise - I haven't experienced those symptoms myself but sounds like it would be worth going to your GP and requested you have a pap just to be sure and start to rule things out. It might not be related to your previous issues at all but sounds like you need to take action and get it sorted.


Best of luck x