It's back again

Hi everyone,

A quick run down on my story. I had LLETZ for CIN III back in 2003. All smears since then were normal. Last October I trotted off for my 3 yearly smear and got the results back to say I had mild changes and to come back for a repeat smear in 6 months. Just got my last results on Saturday and the letter states "your recent cervical smear shows changes which will require further investigation. You will receive an appointment to a local clinic within the next 8 weeks.

I remember the last time it took 8 weeks to get the appoitnment letter and a futher 5 weeks before the actual appointment. 13 weeks is way too long to have a wait so I've decided to skip a holiday this year and use the money to go private. 

My questions are:

1. Why has this returned after all this time? I'm not sure if the recent changes have stayed the same or got worse, I'll speak to the doc about that next week.

2. Does anyone have any experience for going fior a private colposcopy - pros or cons?

Any advice anyone can give would be much appreciated. I'm so upset I have to go through all of this again.

Much love


Hi there 


I went private which cost £16o to see the gyne alone. She told me the cost to go private was £1000 without any treatment!!! So she wrong a few extra things to get me seen quicker on the nhs. I have had my colposcopy on Wednesday which was about 4 weeks after gyn appointment. It def rushed it through quicker but it was so expensive to have it all done private. Did you look at the screen when you had colp before? I am so anxious and am praying it's not cc. Really worried xx

Thanks for replying and no, I didn't look at the screen when I had my treatment back in 2003. It would have freaked me out too much!! I'm just so anxious at the prospect of having to go through this all again. Hopefully I'll feel better once I speak to the doc and find out what degree of abnormality I'm dealing with.

Much love xx

I'm not sure if it would make any difference but have you tried calling the colposcopy department to see when/if they could fit you in?

My appointment my was a week after I received abnormal results (less than 3 weeks after smear). 

Perhaps if you spoke to them it may give them a nudge in the right direction? 

With regards to the results, it's possible the HPV could have flared up again after laying dormant?! 

Hello peanutbuttercup,



I’m sorry to hear that your CIN has returned…This is what I fear for myself at my 6 month follow up which is soon due. Can I ask whether you have been in the same relationship since 2003? It may be that it’s a new HPV infection that has caused the changes if you have been in further relationships since 2003 or as previously suggested the old virus may have flared up if your immune system has been weak for some reason as it looks as though you must have cleared it at some point to have returned to 3 yearly smears. I find the HPV element in all of this so confusing. Wishing you lots of luck at your appointment….I don’t think I could wait all of that time either. xxx

Hi MinneX and thanks for replying!

Yes - I've been in the same relationship for the past 17 years (married for the past 14). The good news is that I've got a private appointment for colposcopy on Monday of next week so don't have too long to wait.

I understand your fear of CIN returing at your 6 month follow up but to reassure you, I was treated for CIN III in 2003 and my 6 month follow up and all my smears until recently have been normal. I'm sure yours will be the same.

HPV is absolutely confusing to say the least. I consume at least 10 a day when it comes to fruit and veg, I don't smoke, don't drink coffee, have limited dairy and try to avoid as many processed foods as I possibly can though I do have a few glasses of red wine at the weekend. In addition to that I walk 30 minutes every day so would consider myself to be a relatively fit and healthy person - I haven't even had a cold or flu for the past 3 years! This is another reason why I'm just so annoyed this has come back again.

Hopefully I get a good update on Monday.

Wishing you all the best x




Thanks for offering me some reassurance, I really appreciate it – I think it means all the more to me as my husband and I will look to try for our 1st baby once I get a normal result. Was your follow up appointment just a smear or a colposcopy too? Gosh, you sound to lead an extremely healthy lifestyle so I can see why this return would be all the more confusing and annoying! It doesn’t sound like there is much more you could have done to look after yourself. I’m glad your appointment isn’t too far away though. Let us know how you get on. : - ) Thank you again xx

Hi Minnie, I had Cin 3 about 15 years ago, then last year I had an abnormal smear test and was diagnosed with a high risk strain of HPV. I thought here we go again! i had punch biopsies taken from the previous treatment site and thankfully they came back ok. I'm due to go back next week for another check up So of course all the usual thoughts are swimming around my head. Try and stay positive.  I have been both private and NHS and although private was quicker, i can't praise them enough with the way they have treated me. please let me know how you get on. X



So sorry peanutbuttercup, obviously not concentrating!!