3 month Mri result. Good or Bad ?

Just back from hospital now.  The cervical cancer ( stage 2b adenosquamous ) seems to have gone but the lymph node which showed at the same time as the cancer has shrunk but not gone yet. 
Doctor said it's still early days and it could carry on shrinking but they intend to keep an eye on it. 
I've got another appointment in April and an Mri just before that. He also noted some radiation changes which he didn't commit to but said it may be why I still have some pain when I go to the loo and when I sit ?
All in all he didn't appear to be overly concerned which I'm not sure is good or bad !

Anyone else been through the same thing please ?

Hi Sooze,

It's awesome that the cervical tumour is gone. They're are quite a few people on the site that aren't fully clear at their 3 month scan and just need the extra time to settle things down. Sometimes the extra time helps. If your consultant doesn't seem too concerned, he probably thinks you just need the extra time too. I'm sure, one of the other girls that is a similar situation as you will message. It must make you feel frustrated not to have a clear result yet. Take care xx

Thanks Bexter, yes it is frustrating as I feel quite well apart from some radiation effects which seem minor compared to what some are going through.

I know I have to try and put it out of my mind for the next 3 months, but there is always that little niggle thinking that the b*****r is growing again.

I accept that this is something we all go through though.. I read the term scanxiety on here the other day which really describes it well.

Hi Sooze, 

I was in a similar position but the other way round. They said my nodes were no longer showing up but couldn't say for definate if my tumour had gone. Im waiting on my second scan this month. 

The waiting is awful but like bexter said if your consultant doesn't seem too concerned, have Faith (easier said than done I know) but they say the radiation keeps on working. That's what I'm hoping. If you have any niggles or worries speak to your oncology nurse or consultant. 

Sending love xxx 

Hi Bumblebee and thank you. Sorry to hear you are in a similar situation. I'm sure you're correct in that the radiotherapy carries on working as I am still getting side effects from it. I'm really sore inside my vagina and cervical area although apart from noting some radiation changes he didn't seem worried about that either.

I'm planning on pushing that little devil to the back of my mind for the next 3 months and plan some nice things to do.