3 month results

Hi ladies 

I got my 3 month results today and there is some good news, the cancer has gone from my lymph node and not spread :) 

the tumour has reduced in size but is still present at my bladder and my tube that runs from my kidney to my bladder, they have decided that they are going to leave things as they are and review it again in 3 months.

half of me is ecstatic given that my initial diagnosis wasn't so positive but then the other half of me is in termoil that I'm being left again, my consultant has told me that surgery wouldn't be an option as there is no give in the  margins.

hope everyone is doing as well as can be! 

Thank you for all your support these last 6 months but for now I'll be sticking around lol 

much love xxxxx

Good news regarding the lymph node! I shall hope that the remaining bit disappears for your next scan. (I have read on here that the radiation keeps working post treatment). 


All the best x 

Hi Shell, 

Good news that your lymph nodes are now clear. Hopefully the sucker continues to shrink.  I have my scan Monday to see how treatment has gone. I'm hoping my lymph nodes are clear. They said I'll only get further chemo if it's spread to "new" areas. Best wishes for you with future appointments and scans.