3 hpv smears 0 abnormal cells

Hi i go for a colcospocy as i have had 3 hpv high risk smears 0 abnormal cells. Just eondering if anyone had been in this position and was all ok? X tia x

Hi Kay, just wondering if you had your colposcopy yet and if so i hope it went well? I am in similar position. My smear came back HPV positive and no abnormal cell changes were found in March 2022 and March 2023. I have colposcopy the end of May. I have no symptom but worried sick thinking about what could be found…

Hey hope ur OK. Yes I had mine and all was clear. If u have had no abnormal cells they sed uts just a formality but u should be absolutely fine xx

Thats great you got the all clear Kay, Im delighted for you. Thank you for your reply, it has really put my mind at ease,x