2nd lletz today, "MRI requested"


I had a second lletz under GA  today due to unclear margins for the first (cin3). With my last one they sent the biopsy off and it came back cin3. They also sent it for a second opinion to a specialist hospital because they saw something suspicious but it came back non- invasive. 

My discharge summary after my repeat lletz today says an "MRI has been requested" and there is mention of a "MDT meeting with Gynae Onc" and I have to go back to discuss "ongoing management" in 2 weeks. Things seem to have changed from treatment for cin3 to "managment" of possible cc.

I wasn't able to discuss any of this with the consultant as she was in theatre when I was discharged. I wonder if any of you kind ladies would be able to share your knowledge with me. My hospital has been wonderful this last few months but the lack of communication is frustrating at times.

Kind regards


Hi there,

I hope this helps. I had first colposcopy and loop excision and they found invasive squamous cell carcinoma cervical cancer the first time. I’ve had my MRI and am now on standby for a cone biopsy and laparoscopy to check it’s not gone into my lymph glands. They think they’ve already removed everything but want to double check. I will get the results of this in 2 weeks and then they have another MDT meeting to discuss what they find and any further treatment. 

I think the ‘management‘ you are referring to means your check ups and follow ups, we will probably be monitored a lot more often now. 

I could be wrong as I am by no means at the end of my treatment. 

Have you spoken with your specialist nurse? Mine has kept me informed at every stage and has been very good. I would try to contact her. 

I wish you all the best and a quick recovery xx


Thanks for your respose. Im just a bit confused because my first lletz came back cin3 and today nobody had time to speak to me to tell me why my discharge summary mentions MRI and oncology.

When I asked the nurse who discharged me she couldnt give me any info but she did give me the number of the gynae oncology nurses. I will take your advice and give them a ring on monday, thanks. 

I hope your results confim that you are all clear.


Hi Meraud, 

I hope you got some answers from your nurse today, thinking of you xx


I'm not really any further forward. The nurse just confirmed what it said on my discharge summary. I am scheduled to see the consultant within 2 weeks so I guess it's just a matter of waiting. I'm getting to be an expert at waiting.... (as we all are!)


Hi sorry to hear about what your going through.  I too got confirmed cc squamous cell after biopsys so had lletz unclear margins,1b1 waiting hysterectomy 222nd Jan. Can i ask when u say invasive squamous cell did they tell u yours is invasive?? What is the difference between squamous and invasive squamous?? Feel free to msg me if u need a chat anytime