1A2 - LVSI, Grade 3 SCC

Hello Everyone,

In July 2018, I was pregnant when the Pap Smear results came back abnormal & I tested positive for HPV. Cin 3 was already present. We scheduled a colposcopy six weeks post-partum. Two days after the colposcopy, my OBGyn called me with the results; Squamous cell carcinoma, grade 2, & LVSI. I'm 31 years old.

All of the risk factors they say will increase the likelihood of getting cervical cancer I didn't have. I've been with the same, wonderful man for almost twelve years. I don't smoke or drink, I eat incredibly healthy and exercise and have a minimal number of sexual partners.I breastfed for two years and am now breastfeeding our second child yet here I am. Cervical cancer.

After getting my insurance situated (the US really needs universal healthcare), I was able to begin treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. A cone biopsy was done at the beginning of January. I'm a stage 1A2 (4mm x 7mm), LVSI, positive margins, and the cancer cells have matured to grade 3. Poor prognostic factors all around. I'm currently awaiting a radical hysterectomy to be scheduled. I'm hoping not to have radiation or chemo. 

I am just devastated and cannot get out of my own head. I have two daughters, a 3 year old and a 3 month old and am filled with terror. I don't want to lose them to a recurrence. In the time that I was diagnosed to the time I began treatment I Googled everything. It was horrendous, overwhelming and a bad idea.

Is there anyone here with a similar stage and prognosis? How did you cope? What did you do inbetween treatments to get out of your head? 


Hi Steph,

I am sorry you are in that position.

However your cancer is at a very early stage and it's absolutely tiny. The survival statistics for a 1A are excellent regardless of the prognostic factors you mention. 

It' annoying when you have lived a healthy lifestyle but it's more common than you might think. Risk factors are just that, nobody is entirely safe. I don't even have HPV and I've had two cancers!

But being bitter about it isn't helpful. This has been caught early, your chances are extremely good so just focus on that and look forward to a long and happy future.

Good luck,






I had 1a1 cervical cancer 4 years ago now, I had a lletz and cone biopsy and just had recent colposcopy and smear result which was negative. I also have 2 young children so understand that fear. Those risk factors just add to the guilt and shame, I was in a long term relationship and didn't have sex young like they say. I thought I was relatively healthy but I still got it. I was told by my consultant that 80% of sexually active people will contract hpv but I still felt ashamed almost but those risk factors are not always the case. I have friends who sleep with lots of different people, smoke etc and they never had an abnormal smear so it's just unlucky I think. I had recent hpv test and it's now negative. Your cancer has been caught very early so it should be easily and successfully treated. 

You're so right. However unintentional, there may have been some underlying bitterness in my post. Cancer has overshadowed a very precious time in our life and it's been really difficult to navigate. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

Cancer brings about many complex emotions. I'm sorry shame was added to that list for you. That's not fair at all. 

Having little ones while going through cancer is especially hard. Mine was caught early but diagnosis left me in a terrible cloud of fear and my mind went to the worst case scenarios. I feel more vulnerable because I have children to think of but have also used them and my husband as a source of strength.

Hoping for a simple surgery.

Hi Steph, 

just reading your story which sounds very similar to mine. I have been diagnosed with 1b, grade 3 and waiting for a Trachelectomy. I am so worried it maybe have travelled to the lymphnodes. Did you find out whether grade 3 is more likely to spread?


Holly x