Stage 1. I don't know how I feel

Hey. So just a quick background.
Smear done in June,
Results back in August saying I’m hpv positive and high grade abnormal cells.
Colopsy done in November.
Iv just got the result back in Friday saying the biopsy taken show I have cancerous cells which they have say is stage 1, 1b.
Now when iv googled and iv googled a lot, I read 1b1 1b2 1b3. I got told mine is 1b so what’s that.
I’m booked in for leetz treatment next week, also crapping myself over that. But I’m just feeling so numb and pissed off and emotionally drained.
Anyone had did things go??

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Hey, I’m stage 1 as well! Or at least that’s what the last biopsy from September was. I also only know I’m 1b. It totally depends on the Doc who treats you. First I had a colposcopy and leep procedure done by a lovely optimistic lady who wants to avoid hysterectomies at all costs. She was positive the tumour could get removed in another treatment & then I might be cancer free & could just get checked every 3 months or so. This doc was ill & another doc removed my tumour. He told me he has seen there is more cancer present & absolutely recommended a hysterectomy as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will get the latest biopsy report. If I’m still stage 1b I will probably get a hysterectomy & chemo after. If I’m stage 2 chemo might come first. I’m sad but ok with everything they will suggest, I just want to live & heal. Every case is different though, it always depends on how far the cancer is, where it is & how much it has spread. I’ve been super anxious after my diagnosis & had lots of breakdowns. I take antidepressants now & feel more optimistic & can cope better with the situation. I wish you all the best for your journey!!

Hi juliarrr so sorry to hear about your situation &
experience, but glad you are trying to stay positive, sending big hugs. I am a little confused, I know you said you had HPV & high grade smear, was there any indication at that point it may be cancer? I am being told conflicting things and feel very confused :cry: Take care Xxx

After the leep they found out it’s cancer, they told me when my lab results came back. Before that I only knew it might be cancer. Now I will have my hysterectomy in the beginning of February. My last MRI has been good, the cancer is just locally & hasn’t spread yet. Hopefully I can avoid chemoradiotherapy.


I have just had a full hysterectomy ( 2 weeks ago) and I am waiting to hear if I need chemoradiation. I had a smear in July which was abnormal, and I waited almost 9 weeks for a colposcopy due to back log. It has been a whirlwind ever since.

I am so sorry you’re going through this. How are you feeling after the hysterectomy? Before your colposcopy, were you having any symptoms that you thought would suspect cervical cancer, or was the whole thing a surprise after your abnormal
Pap? Take care and much love.

Hi, I feel very up and down in terms of what I can do. It’s early days.
The diagnosis was a complete surprise. I had a private smear as I wasn’t due for 3 years, which I thought was too long. And here we are. All very unexpected. I can’t really put it behind me until I know the final pathology results and if I need further treatment. I work in the hospital I’m being treated, so it’s all very surreal.
I hope you are ok in your journey.

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Thank goodness you trusted your instinct and went in. Had your previous smear been 2 years prior, since now they say every 5 years if free of hpv etc? That would feel pretty surreal working in the same hospital. I am sure you’re in good hands. I am a week away from my colposcopy after abnormal smear and testing positive for hpv 16. First time I’ve ever had an abnormal smear too. The results were ASC-H (cannot exclude high grade lesion). Im reading most people with this, have CIN3 high grade changes etc….plus the high risk HPV on top of it , my brain has been all over the place. I found out mid December and my appt is Feb 3. You said you’re 2 weeks post hysterectomy, what’s the total healing time? Xoxo

Juliarrr - did you have any symptoms prior to colposcopy that led you to indicate CC? Much love to all you ladies.

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Much love to you all. Xxx.

My previous smear was 2 years beforehand and was ok. I didn’t have any symptoms,bi just thought waiting another 3 years was too long. I had a CIN3 and then the pathology showed adenocarcinoma. The recovery time varies after a hysterectomy depending on age, fitness and comorbidities. I’m lucky as I am fairly fit and I don’t have any underlying conditions.
It is a big operation but they are very sophisticated these days, and recovery is quicker. They say about 6-8 weeks.
I think the emotional side is worse and that needs as much care as the physical. Even though my surgery is over, I am now waiting all over again to hear about further treatment.
I hope your coloposcopy goes ok next week. You should know your results quite quickly.