Cervical Cancer stage 1a2

Hi All,

This is my very first time here. I will be long so you can read my full story…

Long story short 3 weeks ago today lletz been done for me and today had to go in to the hospital to discuss my result… (Scary Hey…)
Its grade 2 squamous cell carcinoma stage 1a2

Had no symphtoms. I have hpv so had to do yearly checks. As per of my smear I had no changes last year and borderline changes this year which turned out to be CIN3. Which as per of my lletz turned to be grade 2 squamous cell carcinoma stage 1a2.
But my dr told me she could see it during colpo. So I really do not understand why they have not done blood test and MRI before my lletz to see how bad it is… As she seen it I beleive she should done something. But heyho…

I have been told further lletz and maybe keyhole lymph node sample will be required. But all depends on the MRI. They will need to do an MRI to see if it spreaded to anywhere. They will do it within 2 weeks, they did blood test today for MRI.

I am a bit confused. Has it been removed? Or there are further cancerous cells on my cervix?

Anyone here with similar experience? What should I expect?

I do not have kids yet.

Any advice, experience, comments welcomed. :relaxed:

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Hi there.
Just wondering if you could share how it all went for you? I had cone biopsies and 1a2 tumor was removed but one margin not clear so have to get hysterectomy. Did you end up getting one? Just trying to get input fr others who’ve been through it!

Thanks for your input I hope you’re doing better now!

Hi Sandi,

Luckily my dr managed to remove it and its all clear now. My first smear since the op will be in April, I hope hpv will stay dormant and will never have to deal with this again ever… We do not have kids yet.

Hope it all goes well for you. I read many stories about RH and they were all positive outcome.

Wish you all the best!!


Thanks for your reply Adry,

You said you had stage 1a2… Do you know how big it was? Did you end up needing lymph node sampling or removal? I guess you didn’t need the hysterectomy then… That’s good news!

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1.7 x 1.2 x 1 is the total size of what they removed from my cervix at my last lletz (I had two, not sure about the first one, this is only the size of the second lletz). Can not remember how big it was. Yes, they removed 18 of my lymphnodes for sampling to make sure it did not spread.

Oh ok. Was that the size of the tissue they removed or the tumor itself? Is that in cm or mm? I had two cone biopsies and the first tumor was 0.5mm deep X 2mm diam and the second 3.5mm deep x 1mm diam.

Were you offered sentinel node biopsy or only lymphadenectomy ??

Thanks Adry…
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I was told I had 3 options: 1. Hysterectomy 2. Where they remove my cervix 3. Second lletz + lypmh node sampling. I opted for the third one as we do not have kids yet etc.

It was the size of what they removed the tumor was smaller but can not remember what size it was was 4mm but i do not know the other dimenions. Was a few mm thats for sure.

Sorry for all the questions! Do they say you have HPV now or has that cleared? I’m taking things to try and help clear it up…

Not sure how much info they told You about hpv but you can never completely clear hpv out of your body. Once you you got it you have it for life :frowning: It can stay dormant but its always there. All we can do is do our best to keep our immunesystem as strong as possible and our life as stress free as possible to not to trigger it. Hope that makes sense, i know its confusing. But even with historecromy hpv stays in our body and can cause problem in the future if we are not careful. So making lifestyle changes is a very good decision <3 I am doing my best too.
I have never been told which hpv I have and never had symptoms.

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Hi guys. Firstly so so sorry to hear of what your going through and already gone through. Its all so much to take in i hope you are both doing as well as can be. I have been diagnosed, had MRI now waiting for PET scan. Im not sure what stage or grade i am at currently not yet been told. Im so overwhelmed by it all. Just wondering about the treatment options you were offered
You said you had three options. I am just wondering if you could give me some more info on your diagnoses please


I am sorry to hear what You are going through. I think I wrote all info down above so not too sure what more could I tell about it. Maybe I am just tired :slight_smile: Do You have any specific question? xx

Thanks for messaging and sorry i cant imagine its easy talking about it or over again. I guess it wasnt specific i just wondered about the stage you were at to be given the three options. Not sure i read that. Sorry to ask i appreciate its personal

Do not worry I do not mind at all. Its ok :slight_smile: It was 1a2 for me, means the cancer has grown between 3 and 5 mm into the cervical tissues.