Cervical Cancer stage 1a2

Hi All,

This is my very first time here. I will be long so you can read my full story…

Long story short 3 weeks ago today lletz been done for me and today had to go in to the hospital to discuss my result… (Scary Hey…)
Its grade 2 squamous cell carcinoma stage 1a2

Had no symphtoms. I have hpv so had to do yearly checks. As per of my smear I had no changes last year and borderline changes this year which turned out to be CIN3. Which as per of my lletz turned to be grade 2 squamous cell carcinoma stage 1a2.
But my dr told me she could see it during colpo. So I really do not understand why they have not done blood test and MRI before my lletz to see how bad it is… As she seen it I beleive she should done something. But heyho…

I have been told further lletz and maybe keyhole lymph node sample will be required. But all depends on the MRI. They will need to do an MRI to see if it spreaded to anywhere. They will do it within 2 weeks, they did blood test today for MRI.

I am a bit confused. Has it been removed? Or there are further cancerous cells on my cervix?

Anyone here with similar experience? What should I expect?

I do not have kids yet.

Any advice, experience, comments welcomed. :relaxed:

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