10 weeks after treatment still bleeding

Am so stressed and tired i had abnormal cells removed 10 weeks ago. Results were cin1. Really wished theyd never done it. I bled for 5 weeks solid and am still bleeding at week 10! Ive had one round of antibiotics although results showed i didnt have an infection. The gp has given me another course. No one seems to know why its still happening. Its more like pink discharge heavier on different days. Does this ever stop? Can i go to the gym, have sex etc. 10 weeks is a long time to heal. Very worried. GP was vague and just said see how you go! Anyone have anything similar?

Nowhere near that long for me - 5 weeks and all was back to normal. Sounds like your GP is not being too helpful. Have you tried calling the hospital/clinic where they did the LLETZ and asking them? It may be that you need some cauterising to stop the bleeding.

I spoke to the head of Colposcopy and she just said could be infectipn. If it doesnt clear i have to get my GP to refer me back to the hospital. God knows how long thatll take. No one wants to know once youve had it. Ive also had 3 different results that no one can explain.