problems 4 months after colposcopy

Hi, in april i started to have spotting between my period so i went for a smear which came back with CIN III cells. Once i had these removed i hoped that would be the end of it all. Then 4 months later i started to have spotting again. I was checked for infection by the doctor which came back clear and then referred to the hospital for a smear. When i arrived i was informed that the lab may not see my sample due to the smear being done 4 weeks before it was due. Regardless to this she still took the smear in hope its seen. She also said i had tissue growing over the scar area from the colposcopy in a lump which she removed. Has anyone else had these types of problems. X

Hi I had my LLETZ done about 8 months ago in January and was on depo at the time came off this in June and have been spotting since - went to the drs as i thought she may be able to give me something to stop the bleeding as i thought it was probably just hormonal etc and she said i needed my follow up smear(which i hadnt booked because i was bleeding) so the dr did it there and then while doing this she told me she saw a lump of granulated tissue and had made it bleed while doing the smear! I have been referred straight back to coloscopy on Monday im dreading it as my dr really didnt calm me down at all. your post is one of the only ones I have seen with a similar problem did the nurse say it was common? and is it just where is hasnt healed properly?


H, thankyou for your reply. 

The only thing the doctor said about it was that she thinks this was causing my bleeds which is why she removed it. I dont think the tissue was the cause of the bleeds as i had the same problem before.

I was advised to change my pill if it was to happen again if my results come back clear. To be honest the doctor wasnt very helpful with information this time and my mind went blank when i walked into the room. I know many people that have had cells removed an none of them have had this problem which has left me a little worried and confused. My gp did examine me before i went to the hospital and she said it all looked healed. Good luck for monday. Please let me know how you get on.


Hi I will do thanks!

I rang drs regarding a persciption for my little girl and thought while I was on the phone i'd ask about my smear results the receptionist said that I hadn't had a smear done just a high vaginal swab (which was clear) so I am even more confused now! I just hope I get some answers on Monday as the waiting is terrible :( x